Rhian Sugden Expecting Her First Child After Gruelling IVF

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Updated On: 21 Nov 2023

Rhian Sugden Expecting Her First Child After Gruelling IVF

Rhian Sugden, the former celebrity show star and model revealed she is expecting a baby at age 37 with her husband Oliver Mellor. The star mentioned that she was already sixteen weeks pregnant. The couple who tied the knot in the year 2018, shared this joyful news with a few gorgeous snaps of the pair. Rhian shared about the difficulties she faced in getting conceived as the couple went through eight gruelling rounds of IVF over six years.

The couple fulfilled their wishes of becoming parents after a struggle of six years. Rhian shared her excitement and joy on the way to becoming a parent and about how much their lives are going to change with Hello magazine. She said she was overjoyed with the news of her pregnancy. Her husband, the Coronation Street star added that the moment the baby arrives into this world he is going to fist bump into the sky and proudly shout that he is a dad. The baby is due on May 4, 2024.

The couple admitted their fears of not having children as they opened up about the struggles they faced for over six years with the IVF. The 37-year-old actress was facing several issues in getting pregnant because her body had low egg count and perimenopausal hormone levels and due to this she was given a 3% chance of getting pregnant or naturally getting conceived. Looking at the situation, the couple turned to IVF and underwent several rounds of IVF for around six years which cost the pair a huge amount of around £130,000.

Rhiana shared her thoughts saying that she almost believed that having a child was nearly impossible and that her husband might leave her and settle in a home and have a baby with someone else. The thought alone scared her a lot. After seven rounds of IVF, the couple almost gave up on this and gave the IVF a last try in August of this year (2023) where the medical reports stated that both eggs that were being transferred were of poor quality which led to Rhian’s breakdown at the loss of hope. However, the fear, later on, turned into a surprise for the couple as they found out that Rhian was pregnant.  

Out of surprise and pure happiness, Rhian woke up her husband by declaring that she was pregnant. She took several pregnancy tests on that just to make sure that she was not dreaming. 

Rhian expressed her happiness in an interview by saying, “It still doesn’t feel real. We were convinced it would never happen. But here we are, and we’re thrilled.” Rhian and Oliver met each other in 2013 and tied the knot after seeing each other for several years in 2018. 

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