Breaking Gender Norms: Women’s EXPO 2023 in Kazakhstan 

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Updated On: 16 Nov 2023

Breaking Gender Norms: Women’s EXPO 2023 in Kazakhstan 

Over 60 women entrepreneurs gathered last month to network, partner, exchange their journey, and drive their businesses to the next level within the Women’s Entrepreneurship Satellite EXPO 2023 in Astana, Kazakhstan, organised by UN Women. 

During the programme, they also assembled and participated in their four online workshops based on the key aspects of business planning, effective pricing, branding products, digital marketing, and product packaging.

“This event is part of a series of EXPO satellite events being held in ten countries across the region. It is the first time such an event is taking place in our country, structured in the format of a pitch competition.  I am immensely proud of our participants, displaying a forward-thinking approach, and innovative ideas, and contributing to digitalisation,” said the Head of UN Women Kazakhstan, Dina Amrisheva. 

By representing Kazakhstan at the zonal level, women entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan have the chance to connect to the Women’s Entrepreneurship EXPO 2023, which is going to take place from November 16 to November 17, 2023.

The founder of the Kishkentai project, Gulmira Parmysheva motivated every woman entrepreneur to generate businesses that will make a big difference in society.

Yulia Mironova, The founder of the eControl project for the quality management platform based on working with electronic checklists to automate the process states that “The role of women’s entrepreneurship is exceedingly significant now. The more women promote their innovative ideas to the public and discuss their startups, the more successful woman-led projects we will witness. Hosting such a beneficial event in Kazakhstan is a fantastic idea”. 

During the presentation of one of the women entrepreneurs Aizhan Anuarova at the Women Entrepreneurship EXPO 2023 in Astana who presented the Paidax platform for investments said that “Undoubtedly, women can be successful and innovative, contributing significantly to the economy. I believe that all gender stereotypes will soon become obsolete,” and this received good response from the audience, this was very much useful for her projects.

A Kindergarten teacher in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, and also the co-founder of OY-U Children, the founder, and the BALAM Startup CEO, displayed her mobile application “BALAM” startup mainly for Kindergartens and parents. She was very much interested in early childhood education, policies in education, and also working with families. 

The selected five projects after the results of the competition from each country will be allocated guides to assist in supporting the participants for the workshops from January to March 2024. After the complete assistance and support from the mentors, two entrepreneurs will be selected to participate in the last stage of EXPO Capitl Quest in Istanbul in 2024. This is one of the best opportunities for them to present their business ideas to global investors. 

EXPO 2023

The business partners, women entrepreneurs, and investors will be gathered from Europe and Central Asia on November 16 to November 17, EXPO 2023 to support the women entrepreneur’s businesses.   

This is the event to encourage the innovation, creativity, and leadership of women.

This is going to be engaged with renowned experts from around the world to discuss digital marketing, financing, e-commerce and crowdfunding, gender-responsive procurement, green economy or agri-business/ tourism, and pitching.  

At the EXPO 2023 event, women entrepreneurs can expect Empowering Workshops or Masterclasses by experts, Networking Opportunities to connect many new people, Inspiring Success Stories from the entrepreneur’s journey, Vendor Showcase to promote the products and Keynote addresses.   

Keerthana Jayaraman

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