Dubai to Be the Venue for the 71st Miss World

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Updated On: 27 Jul 2023

Dubai to Be the Venue for the 71st Miss World
  • Dubai will be the venue to crown the next Miss World 
  • The previous Miss World Poland’s Karolina Bielawska will crown the next Miss Universe here. 
  • Dubai will be hosting the 71st Miss World Competition 

The first entry of Miss World to the UAE Kingdom will be marked in the year 2023 as Dubai is officially declared to be the host of the 71st Miss Universe. 

The official declaration was made by World Limited chairperson Julia Morley through her Instagram handle on Monday. The post read “ I am delighted to announce the 71st Miss World Festival will be held in…THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES,”

In the 71st Miss World Competition, the winner will be crowned by the current crown holder Karolina Bielawska. Karolina was crowned as the 70th Miss World at the Miss World competition held at Coca-Cola Music Hall in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She is a Polish model and television presenter, who is doing her Master’s in Management and would like to continue her studies with a PhD. She becomes the second Polish person to win the Miss World title after  Aneta Kręglicka in the year 1989. 

Karolina was the winner of the 2019 Miss Poland and was assigned to represent Poland during the 2020 Miss World Pageant. But the event got cancelled due to the covid pandemic. Karolina retrieved her crown back again in the  Miss World Poland 2021 title.

More than 80 contestants are expected to participate in the event. The date of the venue is still not declared but it will be held in the month of May and the tagline for the year’s competition is ‘Beauty with a purpose’. 

Countries will be sending in their participants proudly to bring the crown to their own countries. Miss World Competition started in the year 1951 by Eric Morely in the United Kingdom is one of the oldest and most prestigious beauty pageants that has global recognition. The first person to win the Miss World Competition was Kerstin Hakanson of Sweden. 

Miss World Competition faced backlashes during its initial years because it was considered to be immodest during those days- especially for women wearing Bikini. But the scenario changed from the year 1959 when BBC started airing the show, which lead to the popularity of the event. . Since the death of Morley in 2000, the event has been co-hosted by his widow, Julia. Gurung purchased the company in November of last year. As per the rules of the competition, participants must be unmarried, childless, aged between 17 and 27, and residents of the country in which they are competing.

The United Arab Emirates hasn’t entered a delegate in the Miss World competition yet, but they have been part of the Miss World competition before. In 2021, they made history as the first Mrs UAE beauty queen to make it to the top of the leaderboard when Debanjali Kamstra came in third place. The Miss World competition was first held in 1984 and it’s been held all over the world since then, from India, Russia, South Africa, and South Korea.

Pic Credit: Miss World Social Media

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