Baby Boy Names

Find a wide range of names for your little prince charming. Starting from unique to the most recent ones, or from aesthetically pleasant to hear to plainly beautiful ones, you can find the one that fits your little one.

Feeling Confused? Our Baby Boy Name List Can Help!

Once you know you are about to become a parent of a baby boy, believe us, a whole new and fun world will emerge. And this will soon take you on a joyride of choosing a cute and modern baby boy name. However, this can also be a challenging task as there are many factors that you will have to consider before coming up with a baby boy’s name. But don’t worry at all, as we have got your back.

Having a hard time picking a baby boy’s name? Do you need any assistance with the names’ selection? Here, you will find the most beautiful and the best names for your baby boy. We bring you a huge collection of baby boy names with origin and meaning. Remember that the name you choose will be a part of the kid. So, pick one wisely. You can use a name available in the list or can also combine two names to create a unique name for your boy. But always remember that as a parent, it is your responsibility to choose a name that has a meaning.

How Are Indian Babies Named- Understand The Culture

India is a country famous for its amazing locals, beautiful culture, culinary delights, diverse terrain, and stunning landscape. And with time, Indian baby boy names are also getting popular across the globe. 

In India, South Indians use ancestral village or town names with the fathers’ names and given names. The first two words are generally initialized as they are long. In North India, names may have two to three words that may include the given name, surname, and father’s name. 

The ritual of naming a baby is called Namakaran, and it is quite common in every state and culture. Indians believe that this ceremony helps in creating a strong bond between the family members and the baby. 

During this ceremony, the parent of the kid begins the ritual with prayers, chanting mantras, and pranayama in the presence of a priest. As per the ritual, if the baby doesn’t have a father, then his uncle or grandfather can take part in this. The priest will then begin the process with prayers to Agni, the Gods, ancestors’ spirits, and more. 

 The priest will then spread rice grains on a thali, and then the father of the baby needs to write the name using a silver stick or sandalwood stick. After that, the father will whisper the name four times into the right ear. At this ceremony, the family astrologer will also present the horoscope of the baby boy. It is a beautiful ritual that most Indians follow to name their kids. 

If you are finding it a little challenging to choose a good name for your little prince, then here are some useful tips that can help you in the process. And don’t forget to check out the list given here to pick a name. 

Expert Tips To Pick a Perfect Baby Name: Baby Boy Naming Guide

Well, we would like to say that there are no such wrong or right things or a particular set procedure regarding how to choose a baby name. The selection of a name will greatly depend on personal preferences as well as the taste of parents and family members. However, to guide you in this, we have listed down some useful tips. These tips can simplify your process of choosing the right name for a baby. 

Try Not To Fall For Trendy Names

We all know that different trends will come and go. It is a fact that most parents love to choose a name that is in trend. Following this, they choose a name belonging to sportspersons or superstars. But those names may get outdated in the future. That’s why going for a little classic is better. However, don’t choose a name that is too classic. Before deciding, check the baby boy names list available on this site for inspiration. 

Sound of Names

While finalizing a name, make sure that the baby boy’s name you have selected doesn’t sound odd or harsh when called out. The first name should go perfectly well with the baby’s last name.

Gender-Specific Name

While selecting a name for your baby boy, choose one that perfectly goes with a male. The name may sound good now, but that might feel very awkward in the future. It may sound a little challenging but don’t worry at all, as our list of baby boy names has gender-specific names. Choose one that you like the most.

Unique is Better but Should be Meaningful

There is nothing wrong with selecting a name that is very rare and unique. After all, that will make your child stand out in the classroom. It really feels awkward when there are some kids in the classroom with the same name, for example, Akash. So, go for a unique one.

Choose A Name That Has a Meaningful

People always appreciate a name that has deep meaning. So, if you are all set to naming your child, then prefer to choose a baby boy name that sounds simple but has a meaning or message. It has been seen that some parents search for names of well-known mythological characters to name their baby boy after.

A Name Inspired By Popularity Personality

Parents can choose names that have been an inspiration to them. For example, a legend, a well-known historical personality, or a role model whom you like the most. When selecting, don’t forget to consider the geography where you are living. But this shouldn’t be your only option.

A Name Based on Star’s Position

Do you believe in horoscopes and Astrology? If yes, then you can take the help of a professional Astrologer to find the first letter of the name based on the planets’ or stars’ position when your child was born. This will help you to narrow down the name list. Our baby boy’s names list has a few such names that you can consider.

Uncomplicated and Same

A long name can be a reason for frustration. And you will realize this while filling up forms at schools or colleges. So, pick a name that is very easy to spell and pronounce. It can save your kids the unwanted stress of correcting others. 

Always Honour The Culture and Tradition

Another option to consider here is choosing a name that can reflect your culture as well as traditions. For example, you can go for a name based on a family member who has influenced you a lot. 

Names Based on Numerology

Numerology has become the coolest and most popular trend when searching for a baby boy’s name. Some parents think that choosing a name based on a lucky number can bring luck. In fact, it has also been seen that people, to attain success, change names according to numerological readings. You can find many numerology books that can help you with this. 

Mythological Baby Boy Names

It is an old way to choose a baby boy’s name based on mythological characters. People think giving a mythological name to kids can help them and their family to earn God’s blessings. This is quite common in India. However, this practice is also getting popular around the world, and many parents are naming their baby boys after famous saints.

Go On and Use the Web

You can also search the web or buy a baby boy’s name book. When you search the internet, you will find different names based on alphabets, flowers, ethnicities, people, birds, and more. The options are endless. 

Naming Your Baby Boy Is the Most Crucial Decision- Know Why?

There is no doubt that your kid’s name is the most crucial decision you need to make as a parent. Well, some people say the name of the baby will decide the baby’s future. But that’s not 100 percent true. Based on numerological or horoscopes studies, you may say that this statement is true. But some believe that one of the major reasons choosing a name for your child is crucial is because it is a primary step to defining your new family. They say the name of your baby will symbolize values as well as priorities.

What’s more? It sets an identity for your kid that you present to yourself and to the world. Whether you don’t know about this or not, but your baby boy’s name can represent various things, such as:

  • Your thoughts regarding gender identity. 
  • Relationship to family and parents.
  • Your true feeling about the name and personal identity. 
  • The real importance of your ethnic, religious as well as cultural affiliations.

The name you choose can give crucial clues to the feelings on the issues, and this plays a great role in creating a solid foundation of the family identity. Some experts say that an individual’s personality is connected with her/his name. That’s why it is crucial for every parent to give themselves sufficient time to decide on a perfect name for their baby. 

Some Facts On Baby Names

  • We all will admit that in India, baby names are chosen intentionally with a particular meaning.
  • It is very common for Hindu parents to choose a baby boy’s name based on horoscope reading, and names are generally suggested by a professional astrologer. From the suggested names, parents choose a name for the baby.
  • Another common thing is most people choose nicknames. It is given from a young age, and all family members use nicknames while calling a kid.
  • Some families in India like to use religious names. For instance, people from the Sikh community may choose a Khalsa name where Kaur is used for women and Sing is used for men. 

Some Important Points to Keep In Mind

  • Never choose a cut-short or stupid name for your baby boy. Choosing a funny or stupid name can make your kid feel embarrassed when people will call him.
  • The name you choose should sound good and has a meaning. Make sure it goes well with the surname.
  • While naming your baby boy, consider the honor of your kid.
  • Don’t choose an unusual or quirky name. Otherwise, your kid spends most of the time correcting the name. 
  • Don’t finalize a name chosen by relatives or grandparents. 
  • Understand the real meaning of the name and choose a short name that is easy to pronounce and sweet.

Naming your baby can be a challenging task, but at the same time, it is also a fun thing to do. After all, this is a perfect gift that will remain with your kid forever. After going through all the details mentioned here, we hope you can now easily choose a good name for your baby boy. While choosing a name, don’t forget to take suggestions from your family members. After all, everyone in your family loves your baby boy. No matter what people say, you should conduct proper research before choosing your boy’s name. Besides, you can also have a look at the baby boy names list here and pick a perfect name. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pen and paper and get ready to experience a fun-filled journey. 

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Old-Fashion or Modern: Which Will Be The Best Option?

Well, this is something that completely depends on the parent. While some parents prefer to choose a modern name, some go for old-fashioned names. If you wish your baby boy to have a modern upbringing and you love modern baby boys’ names, then opting for a modern name can be an excellent option. You should keep in mind that old-fashioned names can go out of style after some time. That's why today's parents prefer to go with modern baby boy names. Our list also has some modern names that you will surely love.

How Do You Name Your Twin Baby Boys?

Picking a good name for a baby boy is a daunting task, and it will be more challenging when you have to choose names for two kids. If you already know about this, then you should start thinking about the name right now. You can choose names that rhyme, or you can also choose a different name. It has been seen that some parents prefer to choose names that begin with the same alphabet, for example, Arman and Aditya.

How Can A Name Affect Your Kid?

As a parent, you should keep in mind that names are considered as social markers. Besides, they also have a certain meaning. In Hindu culture, parents become too serious when it comes to naming their kids. The name can greatly influence how your kids are treated and perceived by others. So, pick wisely.

Can You Use Two First Names?

Yes, you can. Such names are now getting popular among parents. A double-barrelled first name or a double name is generally common in Southern naming traditions. When you choose two names, you need to use a hyphen between names. If you are looking for unique baby names, this can be an excellent option.

Who Is Responsible For The Naming of The Child?

Both father and mother are responsible for choosing a good name for their child. Well, sometimes, the family's head, such as grandparents, can also take this decision. Besides, the parents have the right to choose the naming process. For example, if you wish to follow the doctrinal process, then you will have to organize a naming ceremony and choose a name on that day.