Swara Bhasker Ties the Knot with Politician Fahad Ahmad

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Updated On: 27 Jul 2023

Swara Bhasker Ties the Knot with Politician Fahad Ahmad
  • Swara Bhaskar gets married to Samajwadi Party youth leader Fahad Ahmad.
  • The duo sealed the marriage under the special marriage act on January 6 2023. 
  • The function was intimate with just close friends and family.

Indian Actor Swara Bhaskar married politician Fahad Ahmad, and the wedding was registered under the special marriage act. The special marriage act gives provision for Indians to register their marriage irrelevant of caste, religion or faith they follow. 

Swara herself feels grateful to the special marriage act for giving love a chance. As she tweeted along with her court marriage. “Three cheers for the #SpecialMarriageAct (despite notice period etc.) At least it exists & gives love a chance… The right to love, the right to choose your life partner, the right to marry, and the right to agency these should not be a privilege. @FahadZirarAhmad.”

The actor announced the wedding via Twitter, Swara shared an over 1 min lengthy video of the couple’s relationship timeline. The video introduces who Swara and Fahad is and shows how they met at a protest. 

In the video, they share the love story of how they met in the year 2020, we see politically active Swara entertaining the crowd with her charisma while Fahad is next to her, admiring. The video clearly showcases how their friendship turned into love, and how they were unaware of the love. Way Swara promised to attend Fahad’s wedding because she couldn’t attend his sister’s wedding, funny how she now has no other choice. 

As Swara tweeted “ Sometimes you search far & wide for something that was right next to you all along. We were looking for love, but we found friendship first. And then we found each other!

Welcome to my heart @FahadZirarAhmad It’s chaotic but it’s yours!”

Many celebrities came to wish the couple on their journey towards forever, like Divya Dutta and Sonam Kapoor. The noted one being Kangana Ranaut, despite the clash these two had “You both look happy and blessed. That’s God’s Grace … marriages happen in the hearts rest all are formalities.” Kangana tweeted. 

The couple’s love to bring change to the political scenario is what brought them together. Beyond being an actress, Swara is active in politics speaking up bravely about her stands on CAA-NRC and against the attacks on students on the JNU campus. Fahad Ahamad came to politics as a student leader. He served as the General Secretary of the Tata Institute of Social justice. He later went on to join the Samajwadi Party and has served as the president of the youth wing of the Samajwadi party in Maharashtra and Mumbai. 

Fahad came to the limelight of politics when he refused to accept the degree from the Chairperson of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mr S. Ramadorai. This act lead to Fahad being restricted from registering for the PhD program. 

Swara is the daughter of C. Uday Bhaskar, an Indian Navy officer and Ira Bhaskar, a professor of cinema studies. She was born on April 9 1988 and was raised in Delhi. She went to Sardar Patel Vidyalaya during her early schooling. 

Swara Bhasker was born on 9 April 1988[2][3] in Delhi to C. Uday Bhaskar, an Indian Before coming to Bollywood Swara was active in theatres she entered the film industry with her debut movie Madholal Keep Walking. Although her first film couldn’t get her the recognition she deserved, she received it in the 2011 movie Tanu Weds Manu. For which she was nominated for the first time as best supporting actress and won the film fare award. Bhasker played the role of Payal, the best friend of the lead actress Kangana Ranaut. Her second nomination for best supporting actress came for the movie Raanjhanaa (2013), starring Sonam Kapoor and Dhanush. 

Pic Credits: Swara Bhasker Twitter

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