Dr. Bina Modi Receives ‘Outstanding Business Woman of the Year – 2023’ Award

Reviewed By: Tanaya Dutta
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Updated On: 05 Feb 2024

Dr. Bina Modi Receives ‘Outstanding Business Woman of the Year – 2023’ Award

Honorable Defence Minister of India Shri Rajnath Singh awarded Dr. Bina Modi with the ‘Outstanding Business Woman of the Year – 2023’ Award

Dr. Bina Modi, Chairperson of the Modi Enterprises, was bestowed with the ‘Outstanding Business Woman of the Year – 2023’ Award. The award was presented to her at a prestigious conference by the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce on ‘Strengthening Indo-US Relationship in Amritkal-Aatmanirbahr Bharat.’ The government recognized her outstanding and remarkable contributions to the industry and placed her among the distinguished few women chairpersons of Fortune 500 and ET500 India companies. 

Talking about the recognition and the reception of the award, Dr. Bina wholeheartedly conveyed her gratitude stating that the accolades she receives are the reason and the points of realization of the responsibility she has not just towards her enterprises aka KK Modi Group but towards the whole Indian industry. With the growth potential being so vast in the nation, the focus should be on sustainable business practices which are good for people, good for the planet as well, and which is also good for profit. This was and will always be the focus for the Group and nation. Coming to the workforce of her group, she expressed her heartfelt thank you as they were the reason behind this huge success. These incredible talents give her enough reasons to empower people and foster the enduring philosophy of People-First within the organization. She believes the concept of when people thrive so does the company and business. 

Dr. Bina Modi is the Chairperson of the Modi Enterprise of KK Modi Group and she also heads the Group’s FMCG giant Godfrey Phillips India along with being one of India’s agrochemical leaders, Indofil, and lastly as the Chairperson and Managing Director. Each of these businesses is observing steady growth. However, keeping aside the profit, Dr. Modi’s main focus is always on the people and the planet.

Appreciating and applauding Dr. Bina Modi, Conference Chair Dr. Lalit Bhasin said that Dr. Modi is an outstanding businesswoman and a lady who continues to inspire countless women across the world. Furthermore, he stated that her trailblazing ideas broke the stereotype and paved the way for several other people and get motivated & inspired by her.  

Under the leadership and guidance of Dr.Bina Modi, Modi Enterprises – KK Modi Group has grown steadily along with the flagship companies – Godfrey Phillips India Ltd. and Indofil which keeps on topping the charts and breaking record year by year. Dr. Bina Modi has been honored with two prestigious doctorates, among those, the recent one was the ‘Women Empowerment Leadership Principles Award, Asia, 2023,’ and the ‘Most Inspiring Woman in Business’ award in the year 2023. Despite receiving all these accolades and achievements, Dr. Modi, with her People-First philosophy, takes the most pride in the recurring Great Place To Work certifications for many of the Group’s Companies. 

About Modi Enterprises:

Founded by Gujarmal Modi, Modi Enterprises is an Indian business conglomerate based in New Delhi, India. The US $2.8 billion group, consisting of flagship companies such as Godfrey Phillips India, Indofil Industries Ltd., and Modicare Limited, has a diversified business portfolio including cigarettes manufacturing, education, agricultural chemicals, personal care, tea and beverages, entertainment, consumer products, multi-level marketing, and gourmet restaurants.

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