Forbes Unveils World’s Most Powerful Women 2023: FM Nirmala at 32

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Updated On: 07 Dec 2023

Forbes Unveils World’s Most Powerful Women 2023: FM Nirmala at 32

Forbes has announced its 20th annual ranking of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women. The list includes women from various fields such as politics, show biz, entertainment, finance, technology, economy, business, and many more. The list has names of impactful female CEOs from across the globe, inspirational politicians, influential entertainers, philanthropists, and policymakers who are positively impacting today’s world. Among those who have made it to the list, Indian Union Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman has secured the 32nd position. This list is dominated by influential women across the globe.

Nirmala Sitharaman, at the age of 64, redefined the economic policies and helped traverse the nation’s economy and politics through the obstacles and issues posed by the global economic landscape. Forbes recognized her remarkable contributions to the field of politics, finance, and policies toward the Indian nation. The Union finance minister founds herself among the esteemed dignitaries such as the President of the European Commission and also the President of the European Central Bank, Ursula Von der Leyan and Christine Lagarde respectively, who have claimed the top spots in the list of the World’s Most Powerful Women. The list even contains the Vice President of the US, Kamala Harris, and global popstar, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce. 

The other Indians who managed to secure a spot on the list are Roshni Nadar Malhotra, who is the CEO of HCL Corporation (ranked 60), Chairperson of the Steel Authority of India, Soma Mondal (ranked 70), and Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, the founder of Biocon (ranked 76), who all fall under the business category. 

Nirmala Sitharaman became the finance minister of India in May 2019. Along with this, she even led the Corporate Affairs Ministry. Forbes mentioned that, before she stepped into the political field she was serving roles at the Agricultural Engineer Association of the UK and even at BBC World Service. She is even a member of the National Commission for Women. 

As for Roshni, she is the daughter of the HCl founder and industrialist Shiv Nadar. Roshni undertakes the responsibilities of the strategic decisions of the company, according to what Forbes mentioned. She took over the chairperson role in the year 2020. Steel Authority of India’s first woman chairperson, Soma Mondal was responsible for the financial and economic progress of the SAIL within the first three years of her leadership, Forbes stated. She took over the role of the chairperson in 2021. Coming to Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Forbes described her as the richest self-made woman in India. Biocon, a biopharmaceutical firm in India, was founded by her in the year 1978. Presently, Biocon has the largest insulin factory in the Johar region of Malaysia, which is deemed to be the largest insulin factory in Asia. 

Apart from these, other noteworthy mentions present in the list are American singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift who joined the list alongside fellow musician Beyonce at the age of 36, and popular show host Orpah Winfrey at the age of  31. Taylor leaped from her 79th position in the year 2022 to being number 5 in the 2023 list. She is among the top 5 most powerful women in the world. 

In addition to this, Barbie secures the last place in the field of media and entertainment. Forbes secures a spot for symbolic placement each year that deviates from the traditional image of power but nonetheless defines the same, which is acquired by Barbie, this year. 

The people listed in this year’s ranking represent six categories: business, technology, finance, media & entertainment, politics & policy, and philanthropy. The list was determined keeping four criteria in mind: media, impact, money, and spheres of influence. For example, if you take the politics field, GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and population are the primary factors that describe Sitharaman’s inclusion in the list due to her influence on Indian economic structure and policy-making decisions. Overall, this list shows a diverse range of powerful women across several industries. 

The list of 2023 emphasizes the current global issues such as girl’s education, the fight for women’s reproductive anatomy, gender equality, protection against gender-based violence, personal rights, and operative climate policy. 

ForbesWomen editor Maggie McGrath commented: “Over the past twenty years of the Most Powerful Women list, we’ve documented the shifting ways that power is attained and enacted globally. This year’s list illustrates that perhaps better than any other, with entertainment icons ranking right at the top alongside global politicians and leaders of the world’s most influential businesses.”

Here is the Forbes list containing the World’s Most Powerful Women of the Year 2023:

Rank CategoryNameAgeCountry
1.Politics & PolicyUrsula von der Leyan65Belgium
2.Politics & PolicyChristine Lagarde67Germany
3.Politics & PolicyKamala Harris59United States
4.Politics & PolicyGiorgia Meloni46Italy 
5.Media & EntertainmentTaylor Swift33United States
6.BusinessKaren Lynch59United States
7.FinanceJane Fraser56United States
8.FinanceAbigail Johnson 61United States
9.BusinessMary Barra61United States
10.PhilanthropyMelinda French Gates59United States
11.BusinessJulie Sweet56United States
12.Politics & PolicyKristalina Georgieva70United States
13.PhilanthropyMacKenzie Scott53United States
14.BusinessGail Boudreaux63United States
15.BusinessEmma Walmsley54United Kingdom
16.TechnologyRuth Porat66United States
17.TechnologySafra Catz62United States
18.FinanceAna Patricia Botín63Spain 
19.BusinessCarol Tomé66United States
20.BusinessSandy Ran Xu46China
21.BusinessKathryn McLay49United States
22.BusinessSarah London43United States
23.TechnologyAmy Hood51United States
24.FinanceTarciana Paula Gomes Medeiros77Brazil 
25.PhilanthropyLaurene Powell Jobs & Family60United States
26.BusinessCatherine McGregor66France
27.Politics & PolicyJanet Yellen67United States
28.TechnologyGwynne Shotwell69United States
29.BusinessPhebe Novakovic64United States
30.Politics & PolicyTsai Ing-wen67Taiwan
31.Media & EntertainmentOrpah Winfrey69United States
32.Politics & PolicyNirmala Sitharaman64India
33.FinanceHo Ching 70Singapore
34.FinanceThasunda Brown Duckett50United States
35.FinanceMarianne Lake, Jennifer PiepszakUnited States
36.Media & EntertainmentBeyoncé Knowles42United States
37.Media & EntertainmentShari Redstone69United States
38.BusinessKathy Warden52United States
39.Media & EntertainmentDana Walden59United States
40.BusinessAmanda Blanc56United Kingdom
41.TechnologySusan Li38United States
42.BusinessMargherita Della Valle58United Kingdom
43.FinanceAdena Friedman54United States
44.FinanceMary Callahan Erdoes56United States
45.FinanceLynn Martin47United States
46.Politics & PolicySheikh Hasina Wajed76Bangladesh
47.Politics & PolicySri Mulyani Indrawati 61Indonesia
48.BusinessGina Rinehart 69Australia
49.TechnologyLisa Su54United States
50.BusinessVicki Hollub64United States
51.BusinessNicke Widyawati55Indonesia
52.FinanceShemara Wikramanayake61Australia
53.BusinessTricia Griffith59United States
54.BusinessJessica Tan46China
55.TechnologyJudy Faulkner80United States
56.FinanceTokiko Shimizu58Japan
57.Media & EntertainmentDonna Langley55United States
58.Media & EntertainmentJennifer Salke59United States
59.TechnologyWang Laichun56China
60.TechnologyRoshni Nadar Malhotra42India
61.FinanceJenny Johnson59United States
62.Politics & PolicyYuriko Koike71Japan
63.FinanceHana Al RostamaniUnited Arab Emirates
64.Media & EntertainmentSuzanne Scott57United States
65.BusinessLynn Good64United States
66.BusinessSinead Gorman46United Kingdom
67.Media & EntertainmentBela Bajaria52United States
68.BusinessBelén Garjio63Germany 
69.BusinessMelanie Kreis52Germany
70.BusinessSoma Mondal60India
71.BusinessPaula SantilliMexico
72.Politics & PolicyMette Frederiksen 46Denmark
73.BusinessJoey Wat52China
74.Media & EntertainmentRihanna35United States
75.Politics & PolicyLinda Thomas-Greenfield71United States
76.BusinessKiran Mazumdar-Shaw70India
77.BusinessGüler Sabanci68Turkey
78.BusinessTrudy Shan Dai47China
79.BusinessDebra Crew52United Kingdom
80.BusinessRobyn Denholm60Australia
81.PhilanthropySolina Chau61Hong Kong
82.BusinessLee Boo-Jin53South Korea
83.FinanceRobyn Grew54United Kingdom
84.Politics & PolicyZuzana Caputova50Slovakia
85.FinanceMary Meeker64United States
86.BusinessMakiko Ono63Japan
87.Politics & PolicyNgozi Okonjo-Iweala69Nigeria
88.BusinessMpumi Madisa44South Africa
89.BusinessMelanie Perkins36Australia
90.FinanceDominique Senequier70France
91.BusinessRaja Easa Al GurgUnited Arab Emirates
92.PhilanthropyJulia Gillard62United Kingdom
93.Politics & PolicySamia Suluhu Hassan 63Tanzania
94.Politics & PolicyXiomara Castro64Honduras
95.FinanceKristen Green52United States
96.BusinessChoi Soo-Yeon42South Korea
97.FinanceJenny Lee51Singapore
98.Media & EntertainmentMo Abudu59Nigeria
99.Politics & PolicyMia Mottley58Barbados
100.Media & EntertainmentBarbie64
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