33 Different Boob Types That Are Unique and Beautiful

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Updated On: 04 Oct 2023

33 Different Boob Types That Are Unique and Beautiful

You must have an idea that boobs can be small, big, or somewhere in between. However, ever wondered if they can be even bell-shaped and asymmetric? Well, that’s quite possible. As a matter of fact, no two women will have exactly similar-looking boobs. No doubt, the primary function of breasts is to feed the babies. But that’s not it! There is much more about the boobs. 

Boobs are indeed a part of us. So, why be afraid to show your love for them? They are unique and beautiful in their own ways. 

When it comes to shapes, most people think that there are only seven types of boobs. It includes east-west, teardrop, round, asymmetric, slender, bell shape, and side set. But to your surprise, there’s actually more. Read on to explore the different boob types.

Types of Boobs

Weight-loss Boobs

After several months of rigorous workout sessions, you may have felt like “Where did my boobs just disappear?” Then you remember “Oh, I am on my weight loss journey.” Well, that’s real! Boobs are the first to start disappearing when you are trying hard to lose weight. In simple words, you can say ‘melting candle’. 

Post your weight loss, your breasts are likely to appear less full. Moreover, loose skin is also common. Do not lose heart! Remember, the reduction of your breast size is evidence of your dedication and hard work.

Weight Gain Boobs

We can’t simply argue with the fact that many wish, “I want peace in the world…..and, oh, bigger boobs!” Well, gaining weight can make that wish come true. Be it pregnancy, puberty, or just life, gaining weight can have a significant impact on the size of your breasts. 

The increase in fatty tissues can result in the enlargement of breasts. But it isn’t the same for all. The added weight can also increase the tension on the connective tissues and ligaments. As a result, the breast may fail to bear the weight. Ultimately, they lose their shape and start drooping and sagging.

PMS Boobs

Sore, painful, and tender boobs are what most girls have during their menstrual cycles. It’s mainly due to the changes in hormones. The formation of more estrogen often results in the increased size of the breast ducts. 

Pregnancy Boobs

Sore breasts are often the first sign that tells “you are pregnant”. From the moment you conceive, your breast size is likely to get bigger and bigger. They can grow to a shape and size that you may not have imagined they were capable of. Especially when it is your first baby, going up one size or two is pretty common. When your skin stretches, your boobs may feel a little itchy. Eventually, you are likely to develop stretch marks.

Nursing Boobs

You must have heard the saying, “There is no use crying over spilled milk”. Whoever said this must not have pumped six ounces and spilled it accidentally. While nursing, some mothers may feel like mild maids. However, it is indeed worth it. 

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During lactation, your breast size will increase two or three times. Not only the boobs are filled with liquid but they may even squirt out randomly at inopportune times.

Body Building Boobs

Who said body building is just for men? Women are no less at body building! However, it’s true weightlifting won’t help in making your boobs bigger. Female bodybuilders usually have smaller breasts owing to the low body fat levels. Irrespective of the exercise you engage in, the breast fat decreases. As a result, the size of your boob shrinks. 

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But body building can definitely strengthen your pectoral muscles. Make sure not to reduce too much body fat. It can make your boobs loose. 

Post-Nursing Boobs

Post-nursing, every woman would want to hug their boobs for the tireless service they have provided. Nursing indeed gives superpowers to mothers. After the milk is gone, your functional and glorious nursing boobs are likely to become just like inflated balloons. It feels like balloons are filled with chunks of sand. While most women have smaller boobs than they have during pregnancy and nursing, some may sustain larger boobs.

Mastectomy Boobs

Mastectomy refers to a surgery that involves the complete removal of the breasts. Not everyone undergoing this surgery is suffering from breast cancer. Moreover, not every woman diagnosed with breast cancer will require a mastectomy. But for people who undergo the surgery, it can be a life-changing situation.

Living with no breasts at all will not be easy to accept for most women. It can often make them feel less feminine. However, some women feel liberated as they do not have to fear the disease. They celebrate the victory over cancer tattoos. But some women may consider undergoing reconstructive surgery in order to get the boobs they have always dreamt of.

Post-Cancer Boobs

Surviving cancer is an achievement in itself. Every survivor is different. However, one thing that remains common among women is that they would no longer look at their boobs just as they did before. Wondering why? Well, it’s because there would be a significant in size and shape due to medications, chemotherapy, lumpectomy, or mastectomy. But as they say, time heals everything. You will gradually start building a new relationship with your breasts and accept them as they are. 

Aging Boobs

No one likes to age. That’s pretty obvious! However, aging is inevitable. Wrinkles on the skin aren’t the only sign that you aging. Getting older can also bring about significant changes to the size of your boobs. They wrinkle and sag. Moreover, your boobs may even show age spots as you age. There is nothing much you can do about it. All you can do is miss the glorious days. 

Padded Boobs

Have you ever been made fun of for using padded bras? Well, you are alone! Many girls experience the same. However, the truth is that it is an excellent solution to put on a sexy look. It can make your clothing more proportional and make you ready for the event. Once you are home at night, you can remove them and feel free. 

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The best part is that without undergoing any surgical enhancement procedures, you can have larger boobs. So, you get to save all pain plus money. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect plan? Indeed, it is!

Comfort Boobs

Breasts are quite comforting. That is why babies, friends, and lovers find solace in the chest of a woman. Well, there is nothing wrong with that. A soft embrace, a tight hug, and a cuddle can soothe the people you love. 

Minimized Boobs

Are you struggling hard to fit into your button-down shirt? If yes, you may have to squash your boobs. Some people enjoy flaunting what they have. On the other hand, there are people who want to make their boobs as flat as possible. It is only fine as long as you can breathe properly without any difficulty.

Hairy Boobs

Hairy boobs may sound a little weird. However, they do exist. Nearly one-third of women accept the fact that they have hairy nipples. What about the remaining? You never know how many of them actually have but do not admit it. 

Silicone Boobs

Not everyone is blessed with perfect boobs. That is why many pay in order to get the perfect bust. Well, there is no wrong with investing in your body and enhancing your appearance.

Venus Boobs

Ever taken a close look at the statue of Venus de Milo? Why was she considered to be the ultimate standard of beauty for many years? Well, it’s because of her perfect shape. Want to get boobs like Venus de Milo? Leveraging the shaping bras can help. Even better you can just use Photoshop and get your perfect picture.

Athletic Boobs

As the name suggests, the shape of these boobs is pretty clear. Athletes do have wider breasts with less breast tissues and more muscles. So, if you are aiming to become a fitness guru, you must be ready to undergo significant changes in the size and shape of your boobs. 

Post-Marathon Boobs

If you have ever participated in marathons, you know how it feels actually. Running nearly 26.2 is definitely not easy on the body. Just like your tootsies, your ta-tas are also likely to experience a similar amount of abuse. So, if you want to be a part of a marathon, be ready to experience the changes in your body.

Porn Boobs

Well, the truth is that they do not really look like they are shown in the movies – the way they react or the way they move. However, many women and their partners wonder if there is something wrong with their boobs when does not match the ones shown on the screen. A point to note here is that your boobs are simply beautiful and unique just the way they are. 

Sweaty Boobs

Many women have boobs that sweat a lot. Especially during the summer, you can see two damp circles on your clothing on the chest. Especially, when you are using a push-up or sports bra, it can generate a heavy amount of sweat. 

Sex Boobs

Your breasts are not just sex objects. They are actually much more than that. However, there is no denying the fact that sex can make breasts look sexy. The changes in the hormones and all the blood can temporarily perk them up.  

Archetype Boobs

The most standard types of boobs is the archetype boobs. It is full and round. We have all grown up believing that the boobs must look like this. However, it is definitely not the norm. So, the quicker you accept that it is not the most realistic type of boob, the better it is! 

Bell Shape Boobs

The bell shape or bottom-heavy boobs are the boob types in which the bust is a little thinner at the top. As a result, they are fuller, heavier, and more rounded at the bottom. As a result, your boobs might take up the shape of a bell. Such shapes are usually seen in women with larger breasts. 

Conical Boobs

The shape of the conical boobs is similar to cones. People with small breast size usually have conical boobs. These boobs may not sound enticing. However, they are still unique and beautiful. Make sure not to be put off by the awkward name. 

Asymmetrical Boobs

Have you ever met people who have one boob significantly larger than the other? Well, such people do exist! You may be surprised to know that some people even have two completely different-sized boobs. If your boobs aren’t of the same size, do not panic, you aren’t alone. Nearly half of the population have a significant difference in the size of their breasts.

Close-set Boobs

When the bust is quite closer to the chest’s center and there is a noticeable distance between the breast or underarm, it is known as the close-set boob shape. In simple words, there exists a very small gap or no separation between your boobs. If you have such boobs, it can offer you the bra effect naturally. 

Round Boobs or Full Boobs

Round or full boobs are breasts in which the weight is evenly distributed throughout. As a result, it provides a more rounded and symmetrical shape to the boobs. It is one of the boob shapes that most women dream about having. Opting for a breast implant can offer this shape. While some people naturally have full or rounded boobs, others need to pay for it. 

Slender or Narrow Boobs

Slender and narrow boobs are just the opposite of round and full boobs. In these types of boobs, the bottoms are full in comparison to the top. They are typically thin. So, your boobs are likely to be longer. It is common among older women whose breasts have started sagging. 

Tear Drop Boobs

Tear-drop boobs are similar to the bell shape or bottom-heavy boobs. They are round with bottoms slightly wider than the top. The tear-drop boobs are often said to have a pear shape. 

Separated Boobs

Separated boobs are commonly referred to as the east-west boobs. These breasts fall towards the side and the nipples point in different directions. Usually, there is a wider and bigger space between the boobs. 

Relaxed Boobs

Relaxed boobs are similar to slender and narrow boobs. The breast tissues are loose and the nipples are downward pointing. Not using a supportive bra is one of the most common reasons that cause women to have relaxed boobs. 

Top-Heavy Boobs

The opposite of bottom-heavy boobs is the top-heavy boobs. They have more space underneath and look more pointy. Compared to the bottom, they carry more weight on the top. 

Shallow Boobs

Shallow boobs are when your breasts spread over the chest with less straight depth. They are positioned high on the chest and closer to the torso. They are also more spread out. The shallow breasts may appear less voluminous and have less horizontal depth. 

Factors that Determine the Shape of Boobs

Now that you are well aware of the different shapes of the boobs, you must be wondering whether the shape is natural or does any factor affects it? Well, there are several factors that can determine the shape of your boobs. Wondering what they are? Continue reading to find out the details.

  • Age

Undoubtedly, age is a prominent factor that affects the shape of your boobs. With age, your breasts can start sagging naturally. Over time, they are likely to get longer and may start facing downwards. Irrespective of what you think and what others feel, it is a part of life and is beautiful in its own way.

  • Genes

Genes are yet another factor that determines the shape of our breasts. Genes have a significant influence on breast density, size, tissue, and much more. So, if you are upset about the shape or size of your boobs, you may just blame your dad! 

  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Women undergo a lot of hormonal changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding. As a result, the breasts swell and grow in size. The distribution of the tissues and fats changes, thereby affecting the appearance of the breasts. 

  • Weight

Most of us already have an idea that weight can have a significant impact on the size and shape of the boobs. If you gain or lose weight, the size of your boobs can also increase or decrease accordingly. Fat forms a large portion of the density and tissues of the breasts. That is why it is common to experience changes in the size of the boobs when gaining or losing weight. 

  • Exercise

Exercise is yet another factor determining the shape and size of your boobs. If you engage in muscle build-up, your boobs are likely to appear more firmer than before. The reason behind this is that exercise helps in strengthening your pecs. 


By now, you must be well aware of the different boob types. Irrespective of the boob type you have, they are indeed beautiful!

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