Meet Isla: Guinness Record Holder for Being Youngest Mensa Member

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Updated On: 07 Dec 2023

Meet Isla: Guinness Record Holder for Being Youngest Mensa Member

The 2-year-old hailing from Kentucky is making her name at the top and headlines of every news publication as this little girl became the youngest female member of Mensa, a high-IQ society. She impressed every person out of her with her incredible reading skills at the age of 2. She has an IQ in the 99th percentile which earned her the recognition of the Guinness Panel and awarded her her extraordinary ability to read with the Guinness World Record. The cognitive abilities displayed by Isla McNabb defy the age she is which paves the way for a bright future ahead of her.

Journey of Isla McNabb on Becoming the Youngest Member of the Highest IQ Society

Isla McNabb’s impeccable ability to read caught her father’s attention when Jason, Isla’s dad, spelled the word ‘Red’ on a writing tablet and Isla said it out loud immediately as soon as the word was spelled, according to the the Guinness World Record. Amused and motivated by his daughter’s quick perception and immediate reaction to the words spelled, he tried testing her abilities with a bit slightly tougher words like ‘sofa’ and ‘chair’ using the alphabet blocks which she answered with ease. Taking notice of this, the parents took their kid to get her IQ tested. The test result, without a doubt, gave away the fact that Isla is eligible to get admitted to the highest IQ society, which helps her showcase her exceptional abilities as she keeps growing. 

Isla’s father Jacob McNabb had even said that at seven months of age, Isla was capable of picking out certain items from a pile or box when asked to. On top of that, Isla’s psychologist was also astonished to see Isla’s capabilities. She excels both in mathematics and reading, along with that, her scoring is above average in most of the other subjects as well. The parents were shocked when they found out that their daughter knew American Sign Language as well. Regardless of how talented and exceptionally skilled Isla is, Isla’s parents clearly said that their daughter’s happiness and her entire development is their priority. Despite recognizing her exceptional abilities, the parents want to nurture her like any other kid out there. Presently, Isla’s parents are on the lookout for other resources to keep their daughter’s highly active mind interactive and busy. By enrolling her in Mensa, the parents found a community of parents like them who exchange resources. Isla’s favorite activities are drawing, school, and playing with Booger. Her favorite books are “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and “Pete the Cat.”

About Mensa

Mena International is an organization of individuals with high IQs that aims to identify, understand, and support intelligence; encourage intelligence research; and create and seek both social and intellectual experiences for its members. This was established in the year 1946, in Oxford, London. The common goal of all in this society is to foster and collect intellectual talent. The organization is open to all individuals, adults, and kids, who score at the 98th percentile or higher on a standardized IQ test called Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale and the Wechsler scale. Some famous personalities who are a part of Mensa are Dolph Lundgreen, Quentin Tarantino, Sigourney Weaver Madonna, and Geena Davis. 

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