2.3 Magnitude Quake By Fans in Taylor’s Seattle Concert

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Updated On: 03 Aug 2023

2.3 Magnitude Quake By Fans in Taylor’s Seattle Concert

Taylor Swift Fans or commonly known as Swifties broke a record and created history with the creation of a seismic activity that is considered to surpass the legendary Beast Quake of 2011. This gigantic & enormous seismic action took place during Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Performances held at Lumen Field in Seattle on the 22nd and 23rd of July. 

According to a report shared by CNN, Seismologist Jackie Caplan- Auerbach, a geology professor at Washington University noticed that the ground shaking was from the dancing & jumping Swifties during the concert for both nights. The euphoric celebration was detected on the same local seismometer as the Swift concert and this phenomenon occurred consecutively for both shows at Lumen Field with an audience of Swifties over 1.44 lakhs. The only difference seen in both the seismological graphs was a 26-minute time delay which was because the 2nd-day concert started 30 minutes later compared to the first-day concert. 

“This shake was much bigger than the Beast Quake in terms of raw amplitude of shaking and it went on for a whole lot longer, of course.” said the geologist Jackie Caplan. She even added, “I don’t really want to get into a snickering match between Seahawks fans and Swifties, but I will say Swifties have it in the bag.” 

She was enthralled by such an experience and shared her thoughts regarding this phenomenon by saying “What I love is to be able to share that this is science” she said, adding that “it doesn’t have to happen in a lab with a white coat. Everyday observations and experiences are science.” She even quoted the chances of being a Swiftie herself in the coming days, after witnessing this event. 

Even the artist Taylor Swift herself quoted and noted the high energy of the audience and thanked the Seattle audience in her Instagram post with the caption, “Seattle that was genuinely one of my favorite weekends ever. Thank you for everything. All the cheering, screaming, jumping, dancing, singing at the top of your lungs.” 

The Eras Tour of Taylor Swift was a commemoration & celebration of all her albums throughout her musical career and has successfully become one of the biggest cultural events of the year. This concert or show is over 3 hours long with a tracklist containing 44 songs divided into 10 acts corresponding to the eras and each of her musical albums. Her next concerts would be at different regions across the U.S. By the end of the Tour she would have performed around 131 shows across 5 continents.

Currently Taylor Swift is the only artist to achieve the milestone of 4 albums in the top 10 at the same time in around 60 years. There even has been an unprecedented amount of tickets around the globe as the Swifties share their frustration for not being able to get a hold of the tickets. Her next destination would be Los Angeles and Mexico in late August. 

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