Janhvi Kapoor’s Favorite Home Glutes to Gain a Fit Body

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Updated On: 09 Aug 2023

Janhvi Kapoor’s Favorite Home Glutes to Gain a Fit Body

We often look up to celebrities for our fitness inspiration and it is truly commendable to include their fitness schedule amidst their busy routine. And most of them indirectly share the messages through their clips and workout routines that it is not required to hit the gym often and make use of heavy, elaborative equipment to maintain a robust figure. It can be achieved while being in your house without the use of any expensive equipment. Want to attain a fab body like actress Janhvi Kapoor? Let us follow her routine which includes some of the basic exercises with simple props available in the house.

Popular celebrity fitness instructor Namrata Purohit recently shared a social media post where her student and her friend, actress Janhvi Kapoor performed her favorite at-home glutes in a video clip. This clip will help you build an envious robust frame with just a few exercises and simple props. This workout can be carried out easily at home or if you are travelling or if you cannot hit the gym for some reason.  

The toned abs and well-toned glutes of the actress are often praised as she runs her errands around the town. With a body like hers, it is believed that she often spends her time in the gym doing rigorous exercises. However, that is not entirely true. The actress likes to mix out different exercising forms like pilates, yoga, and functional training. On the days when she is unable to go to the gym or when she is traveling, she has a planned workout that can be done in the comfort of her own house. 

The workout routine consists of hip lifts, donkey kicks, side kicks, single leg hip lifts, and side kick kneeling-single leg back. These exercises effectively work on your glutes. You can take inspiration from this workout and do these in your free time. 

Hip Lifts

Otherwise known as glute bridges, hip lifts are a great way to tackle your back pain. In addition to these, hip lifts improve your posture, boost core strength, and increase hip mobility. These can be performed with props to enhance the benefits of this exercise.

With Dumbbells

By placing a dumbbell on your thighs with the help of your hands while exercising. As you lift your hips, the additional weight intensifies the workout and pushes your muscles to adapt and grow stronger.

With Resistance Loop

Place a resistance loop around your knee and perform the hip lifts to intensely keep your glutes pressed against the resistance loop as and when you extend your hips upwards. 

Donkey Kick

This is a dynamic exercise that aims at your glutes and lower back. This workout works on giving a sculpted back and as well as improves your back & enhances your back stability. Additionally, these kicks are powerful in building a resilient core and a greater posterior chain. Execution of this exercise begins with being on all fours and lifting a leg with the knee bent at 90 degrees- angle and the foot facing towards the ceiling. 

Single Leg-hip Lift

This is an advanced form of the traditional hip lift where the focus is on just one leg. This is a must-include in your exercising routine if you want to strengthen your balance & stabilize your muscles. In order to do this, you have to lift one leg towards the ceiling along with lifting your hips while the other leg is firmly planted on the ground.

Side Kick Kneeling-single Leg Lift

This exceptional exercise is targeted on the outer thighs and hip abductors. This is a fusion exercise that imparts balance, precision, and stability. Not just these three, it even enhances your lower body flexibility and boosts strength in lateral hip muscles. 

Kickbacks with Resistance Band

This is a must for fitness enthusiasts who are aiming to define their glutes and hamstrings. By adding resistance bands, you are stimulating muscle strength and improving flexibility. With the use of resistance bands, you are focusing solely on the glutes and improving to get a more defined and firmer rear. To do this, get on all fours with your hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Keep your right knee at an angle of 90 degrees and flex your right foot. Slowly lift your right leg towards the ceiling with your back straight. Now slowly bring them back to the initial position. So the same with your left leg. 

This is the Instagram post of Namrata Purohit Featuring Janhvi Kapoor containing a video of Janhvi performing her favorite at-home glutes. 

In the caption, she wrote, “Sharing some of Janhvi Kapoor’s favourite glutes exercises to do when she cannot make it to the studio. These are great to do at home or when you’re travelling, they really fire up the glutes do at least 15-20 Reps of each and 2-4 sets depending on how you’re adding it to your workout.. add the props, like dumbbells and resistance bands, when you’re ready to up it.”

Working on your glutes doesn’t just provide you with a fab body but these muscles eradicate lower back pain, lower bone density loss, and stabilization of the pelvis muscles, especially while climbing, walking, or running. These are the largest group of muscles and the strongest in our body which works in unison to rotate, abduct, and extend your hip. It isn’t just good to look at the well-defined glutes but it completely gets rid of the stubborn abdominal fat. 

Please make sure to perform these with proper form & control. Begin with 15-20 reps and then make your way up gradually to avoid heavy strenuous effects on your body. Make sure to visit a medical professional before beginning a brand new exercise plan in case you are dealing with medical conditions or injuries. 

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