Female-friendly Pink Parks to Be Open at Prayagraj

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Updated On: 27 Jul 2023

Female-friendly Pink Parks to Be Open at Prayagraj
  • Allahabad to open 16 pink parks exclusively for women and kids
  • The first eight parks will be immediately made available to the public 
  • The parks will have security cameras and will be strictly guarded by the authorities to prevent any mishaps 

Allahabad city to turn 16 parks in a prominent zone into pink parks to make it a safe zone for women and kids. The park will be equipped with facilities like an open gym, toilets, activity zones etc. 

The PMC authority will turn 8 parks in prime locations into parks first. The aesthetic of the park will be designed to make it child and women-friendly with pink park tables, a pink-lighted pool, and wall drawings to make the park more beautiful. 

The parks are to be first opened in the 8 zones namely Allahpur, Jhansi, Katra, Khuldabad, Muttiganj, Naini, Phaphamau and Transport Nagar. The parks will be only available for the use of women and kids only. The parks will be strictly monitored by the authorities and the park is under the surveillance of CCTV cameras. 

The plan is to convert parks to pink parks with prospected Rs.1 crore budget. The blueprints to implement the pink park have been made by the  PMC authority and are to be implemented in the coming months. 

The pink park initiative falls under the Smart City Project to develop themed parks for women, dogs and disability-friendly parks. Tenders will be sent in the financial year to implement these parks. 

Pic Credits: Pexels ( Kampus Production )

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