Mom-to-be Lucy Shows Off Her Baby Bump in a Lovely Selfie

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Updated On: 07 Nov 2023

Mom-to-be Lucy Shows Off Her Baby Bump in a Lovely Selfie

Last week Lucy Watson displayed her growing baby bump in a stunning selfie while she spent time with her sister Tiffany and her son Jude. The soon mom-to-be who is 32 years old and who is a former ‘Made in Chelsea’ star had previously revealed she and her husband James Dunmore were expecting their ‘miracle’ first child in September. She stated that this pregnancy had been neverending and painful fertility after a long struggle of years together trying to conceive.

The star shared an array of snaps via her Instagram account as a gesture of keeping her fans updated about how her pregnancy is going. The star snapped a mirror selfie as she lovingly cradled her baby bump as she donned a stunning black dress. She even mentioned that she enjoyed spending time with her sister Tifanny who welcomed her son Jude with her husband Cameron McGeehan. Lucy even posted a snap with her husband James Dunmore, whom she met during her time on MIC in 2015. Lucy and James had tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in 2021 after meeting on the reality show.

The couple Lucy and James even adorably made the gender reveal and said that they would be welcoming a baby boy soon. Earlier this month, the star, Lucy opened up about the pain and struggle of fertility by sharing an emotional video on her social platform, TikTok. Via this, she vowed to keep talking about the topic as she urged those who want children to get tested if they can.

She started off by saying how shocking and surprising it was for her to get pregnant as it felt surreal. She acknowledged the pain and struggle of anyone going through struggles with fertility. She said, “Sorry I am getting emotional, but I want to acknowledge everyone dealing with fertility issues. If this has been triggering for anyone then I can relate to that a lot. Everyone had been so sweet and I’ve had lots of messages on Instagram from similar people. Fertility problems aren’t spoken about enough and if you’ve had normal cycles and periods you assume it will happen really quickly for you.”

She even added by saying that a few of her friends went through the same problems at the same time while some of her other friends had harder journeys than others. She mentioned to people to get medical aid as soon as they can if they are financially stable and want to have children and that it applies to both men and women because no one would know what goes on beneath the surface.

She ended the video by saying, “I know not everyone can afford testing but some are available on the NHS if you are persistent, I have to say I’ve learnt the NHS isn’t the best but if you’re persistent they can be really helpful. I’m not miserable by the way! I’m just emotional and this can be a really hard topic to talk about. I am going to carry on talking about it and help others as much as I can!”

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