Spain’s New Law: 40% Women Representation in Corporates

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Updated On: 27 Jul 2023

Spain’s New Law: 40% Women Representation in Corporates

The Spanish administration will attempt to enact a law mandating a minimum of 40% female representatives on corporate boards in an effort to promote gender egalitarianism. The governing council will also be obligated to abide by this.

At the weekly cabinet session on Tuesday, The Prime Minister of Spain- Pedro Sanchez, declared that the gender allocation measure will be authorized and delivered to Congress.

Law Mandates 40% Women Representation

The statement was issued by Pedro Sanchez during a social democrat celebration of International Women’s Day. The goal of this law, in accordance with a government report, is to guarantee a minimum of 40% representation of corporate boards should belong to the “least represented gender.” They are additionally seeking to guarantee that senior administration is equally diverse. The proportional participation law will mandate gender equality on company executive boards, electoral platforms, and regulatory boards of professional alliances. 

According to Prime Minister Sanchez, this measure is being undertaken not solely in support of women but also on behalf of the community as a whole. This regulation mandates that all organizations with more than 250 workers as well as a $50 million annual revenue should have 40% female participation in the administration. The ministry has also been given a 40 per cent allocation. Moreover, the administration will demand that male and female contestants stand in alternating years. 

The liberal administration of Prime Minister Pedro has regularly been described as a feminist party. In Spain, policies that encourage gender parity are not recent. The nation was the first in all of Europe to provide employed women with the opportunity of paid menstrual breaks. A policy that enabled working women in Spain to take their periodic menstruation break between two to five days was implemented by the government in February. The bill was implemented together with a wide range of sexual and biological policies, such as transgender rights and women’s access to abortion. In accordance with a European Union regulation released past year, which requires that such regulations be implemented across the country by 2026, Sánchez opted to approve legislation requiring board parity. 

Pic Credits: Edmond Dantès ( pexels )

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