Jaya Verma Sinha: The First Woman CEO in History of Indian Railways

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Updated On: 15 Sep 2023

Jaya Verma Sinha: The First Woman CEO in History of Indian Railways

Jaya Verma has created history by becoming the first woman CEO and chairperson of the Indian Railways Board, the apex body for decision-making of the national transport across India. Once the senior railway traffic service officer has now scripted history into leading the Indian Railways Department as a woman for over a century. She undertook the charge of the position of chief executive on September 1st and will last till the 31st of August, 2024. Anil Kumar Lahoti was the CEO before Jaya’s succession. Her appointment lays down a significant instance in the 166-year history of Indian Railways. 

Here is the link to the X (Twitter) Posted by Indian Railways to congratulate on Jaya’s appointment. 

In this newly appointed role, Jaya Verma Sinha will be supervising the inclusive transportation of cargo and service of passengers. Before she was appointed as the CEO, she was a member of the Additional of the Traffic Transportation on the Railway road. Her journey in Indian railways began when Jaya joined an IRTS (Indian Railway Traffic Services) in the year 1988. 

Brief Intro About Jaya Verma Sinha

Jaya Verma Sinha is an alumnus of Allahabad University. Presently, she is responsible for operations and business development, the railway board, under the railway ministry. The amazing record of Sinha is evidence of her determination and dedication which paved her path towards success. Additionally to becoming the first woman CEO, she was also the first woman to be named as Principal Chief Operations Manager of South Eastern Railway. 

Timeline of events of Jaya over the course of 35 years in Indian Railways

  • Her journey started when she joined IRTS in 1988.
  • Sinha was the Principal Chief Commercial Manager of Northern Railway and Manager of the Divisional Railway of Sealdah Division.
  • She even worked as an Advisor at the High Commission of India located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  She served there when the Maitri Express was inaugurated which is from Kolkata to Dhaka. 
  • She was also the Principal Chief Operations Manager of South Eastern Railway.
  • In 35 years of her career, she served in many verticals ranging from IT, commercial, and vigilant, to operations. 

What is the Significance of Jaya’s appointment?

The Railway Board was established in the year 1905. It is the apex body of the Indian Rail transport and passenger service and has been functioning for over 118 years. The succession to the CEO role by Sinha marks the first occurrence in history that a woman has held this significant position of leading the Railway board. She is the 46th chairperson of the board and the first woman to achieve this accomplishment. 

This appointment shows how women have evolved and are breaking the norms, working their way up the ladder. Additionally, it also shows inclusivity in the work culture. Positive transformation along with advancements in Indian Railways are expected from her leadership in this sector which is India’s oldest and most pivotal sector. This appointment not only reflects her remarkable skills and capabilities but also the increasing recognition of gender inclusivity in leadership roles. 

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