Coconut Oil: Incredible Health Benefits of Coconut Oil Massage

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Updated On: 18 Sep 2023

Coconut Oil: Incredible Health Benefits of Coconut Oil Massage

Have you ever heard about the coconut oil massage? Well, you must have. For hundreds of years, coconut oil has been used as a body massage oil. It offers plenty of benefits to the skin. That is why it is often referred to as one of the best gifts of nature to humankind. Before getting to the details, you must have an idea of what coconut oil actually is.

Coconut oil refers to an edible oil extracted from the milk, wick, and meat of mature coconuts. Integrating coconut oil massage to your health and wellbeing schedule can improve blood flow and revive your muscles.

In this blog, you will get to know the many benefits of coconut oil massage. Let’s dive in! 

Difference Between Virgin and Regular Coconut Oil

Not all coconut oils available in the market are the same. Therefore, if you are willing to leverage coconut oil for body massage, it is always best to opt for virgin coconut oil. Wondering how virgin coconut oil is different from regular ones? Well, there are several differences. Let’s consider each of the differences in detail.

Extraction Procedure

Regular coconut oil is generally extracted through the cold-pressing procedure. In this process, the coconut is exposed to the sun and allowed to dry completely. Then the dried coconut kernel is cold-pressed in order to obtain the oil.

However, the extraction process of virgin coconut oil is completely different. It involves the extraction of oil from fresh coconut milk. First, the fresh coconuts are finely grated and the milk is extracted. Then the milk is allowed to settle at least for a day. 

Next, it is separated into 3 layers. While the second layer is the oil, the top and bottom layers are curd and water, respectively. The coconut oil present in the second layer is carefully extracted and set aside. The core aim is to allow the moisture content to evaporate. After moisture gets completely evaporated, you can obtain pure coconut oil which is referred to as virgin coconut oil. 


No doubt, virgin coconut oil has more purity in comparison to regular oil. In the regular oil, an artificial scent may be added to make it aromatic and flavorful. However, there are no such additions in the case of pure coconut oil. It has an original nutty flavor and smell. 


Both oils have a similar appearance. However, the regular coconut oil is a little brighter in color compared to the virgin coconut oil.


The virgin coconut oil is expensive in comparison to the regular coconut oil. The price difference is quite obvious. As the virgin coconut oil is in its purest form, the price will be higher. 

Properties of Coconut Oil

The most prominent properties of coconut oil are listed below.

  • It may have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It might have anti-oxidant properties.
  • It has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties.
  • It may even act as an anti-cancer agent.
  • It may also have the property to inhibit the pain sensation.  

Benefits of Coconut Oil Massage 

In the sedentary and hectic lifestyle of day, anxiety, stress, and physical pain have become quite common. Even individuals start experiencing bodily pains from a very young age. So, what is the solution? Well, several studies show that coconut oil body massage can provide people with plenty of benefits. It has the potential to relax your body and calm your mind. The benefits don’t end here. Continue reading to explore the many benefits of coconut oil massage. 

Lowers the Risk of Infection

The skin type differs from individual to individual. If you have sensitive skin, choosing the wrong body massage oil can result in severe infections. However, if you are leveraging coconut oil, you do not have to worry about any infection. 

Wondering why? This is because coconut has anti-microbial properties that lower the chances of infection. Irrespective of your skin type, you can use it for body massage. Coconut oil consists of capric acid and lauric acid. These are excellent anti-microbial agents that can help in effectively treating fungal, viral, and bacterial infections. The best part is that when coconut oil is massaged on your body, it enables your skin to get rid of harmful fungi and bacteria.

Boosts Energy Level

Who wants to stay dull and gloomy? Of course, no one does. Want to enhance your energy levels? In that case, opting for coconut oil body massage can be a great option. Coconut oil is high in fatty acids. They help in accelerating your metabolism rate and boost your energy levels significantly. As a result, it can enable you to stay positive and feel motivated. 

Helps Reverse the Aging Signs

Aging is inevitable. However, no one likes to look old. When we age, the skin starts losing its elasticity and eventually becomes loose. As a result, wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear. No doubt, there are various ways to get rid of these aging signs. 

However, have you ever thought of reversing these signs with a natural ingredient? If not, you must try coconut oil body massage. It can provide you with surprising results. Coconut oil has several anti-aging properties. It can significantly boost collagen production and enable your skin to remain hydrated and soft. 

Moreover, it can even improve the elasticity of your skin and promote cell regeneration. So, without having to undergo costly treatment, you can look younger with a simple coconut oil massage. 

Relaxes Muscles and Senses

After strenuous exercises and physical activities, your body is likely to feel tired and lifeless. In such a situation, coconut oil body massage can be of great help. It can help in effectively relaxing your tight muscles. Without having to go anywhere, you can even have relaxation therapy in the comfort of your home. 

Not just the body, coconut oil massage can relax all your senses. It can calm your mind and allow you to get sound sleep.

Prevents Cracking and Drying of Skin

Do you see light marks on your skin when dragged with fingernails? If yes, it is a clear sign that you have dry skin. It can be often embarrassing. As we age, dry skin is common. However, there are several other reasons why people have dry skin. It includes using harsh soaps, exposure to dry or cold weather, overbathing, and sun damage. 

Are you wondering how to get rid of your dry skin? No doubt, applying moisturizers can help. However, an easy solution is to opt for coconut oil massage. It can help in keeping your skin hydrated. As a result, getting rid of the dry or white marks on your skin becomes easy. 

Lowers Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are common. People look for different ways to diminish these marks. If you are also in search of effective ways to get rid of your stretch marks, the good news is that coconut oil can help. Wondering how? Well, coconut oil has several essential nutrients and vitamins that help significantly lower the marks. 

The oil can easily get absorbed into your skin and act as a rich moisturizer. Moreover, it is also a good source of antioxidants. So, it helps fight the harmful free radicals and deeply nourishes your skin. 

All you have to do is massage warm coconut oil on the affected areas at bedtime. Allow the oil to sink deeper into your skin to get the best possible results. With regular massage, you will see real results in much less time. Your stretch marks will start fading away and you will get clear skin.

Promotes Healthy Skin

Instead of trying out different ingredients, you can simply rely on coconut oil for healthy and flawless skin. It can effectively nourish your skin and provide you with healthy, softer, smoother, and glowing skin. So, make sure to leverage coconut oil massage and see the real results for your skin. 

Precautions While Using Coconut Oil for Body Massage 

Now that you are well aware of the many benefits of coconut oil for your skin, you must be willing to use it for body massage. In that case, you need to keep certain things in mind. Consider the following precautions listed below.

  • For body massage, always make use of virgin or pure coconut oil and avoid using regular or refined ones. As virgin coconut oil is free from any chemicals or artificial ingredients, it can provide you with the best benefits.
  • If you are doing the coconut oil massage at home all by yourself, use the simple massage techniques only. Avoid leveraging the complicated ones.
  • Use a spare sheet during the coconut oil massage.
  • Consult a therapist if you want to mix the coconut oil with any other extracts. They can give you an idea about the potential allergic reactions. 


Coconut oil is undoubtedly a natural ingredient that can provide you with several benefits. From improving your skin quality to relaxing your muscles, it can benefit you in various ways. By now, you must have a complete idea of the benefits of coconut oil massage. Now it is time to leverage it. Opt for coconut oil massage and see the amazing results. 

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