Australian-born Mary Set to Become Queen of Denmark

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Updated On: 12 Jan 2024

Australian-born Mary Set to Become Queen of Denmark

Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary Donaldson, hailing from Australia is all set to be crowned as queen on Sunday, the 14th of January 2024. She will obtain a real-life fairytale moment later on Sunday when her husband, Crown Prince Frederik ascends the throne. With unmatched glamorous and elegance, the 51-year-old crown princess is accredited with helping advance and develop the Danish monarchy over the years. She is one of the most popular members of the Danish royal community. It was shocking for Danes when Queen Margrethe announced her resignation and termination from the throne after 52 years of service. She announced this in her annual New Year’s Eve speech, pointing out her age being 83 as well as her health issues.

Mary Donaldson, the future queen of Denmark, brought a breath of fresh air to the monarchy and dazzled Danes when she married into the royal family. In the biography of Prince Frederik, in 2017, she even stated that quite a few people might have the misconception of her husband being in her shadow, because of how Princess Mary is often in the spotlight with a lot of engagements and conversations. She said, “But he’ll never be in my shadow, and I’ll never be in his shadow, because he reflects light on me.”

Mary Donaldson was born on February 5, 1972, in Hobart, Tasmania. She was working as an advertising executive in Australia. While she was working in the advertising agency, she crossed paths with 34-year-old Frederik during an outing with her friends at Sydney’s Slip Inn bar back in 2000, specifically during the Summer Olympics. 

She discovered it later only that he was the crown prince of Denmark and his group of friends was made up of other European royals including his younger sibling Prince Joachim and cousin Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark. In an interview that took place several years ago, she said that both shook hands on their first encounter. At that time she was unaware of the fact that she shook hands with the prince of Denmark. Later on, a person came up to her and gently asked whether or not she knew the people whom she just encountered a while ago. 

On the other hand, Prince Frederik told the daily Kristeligt Dagblad that his first encounter with Mary was not just an immediate surge of love but also the feeling of having met his soulmate. After a discreet long-distance relationship and numerous under-the-radar visits, the couple became officially engaged in October 2003 and tied the knot on May 14, 2004, in Copenhagen Cathedral. They are parents to four children presently. Prince Christian who is 18 years old, will be the next to succeed his father as King, Princess Isabella, who is 16 years old, and twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, who are 13 years old. 

Mary Donaldson made a strong impression in Denmark, especially the Danes with her impeccable ability to understand and master the Danish language quickly. She even impressed and won over her mother-in-law immediately. Queen Margrethe remarked on how she hoped her first meeting with Mary would be the last in an interview. A poll published by Danish television TV2 in December declared Mary Denmark’s third-most popular royal, behind the immensely popular Queen and Frederik. “For the almost 20 years that she has been a member of the royal family, the crown princess has widened and perfected her role as spokesperson and PR official for the royal family, Denmark, and her chosen causes,” the daily Berlingske wrote recently.

She is often compared to Princess Catherine of Britain for her fashion style and her long dark locks, frequently appearing on fashion pages of Danish and international magazines. She is popular and well-known for her work in fighting bullying, domestic violence, and social isolation along with promoting mental health and women’s rights. Mary and Frederik are termed as a modern couple who are a fan of pop music, modern art, and sports as per the reports of historian Sebastian Olden-Jorgensen. 

Both parents are trying their best to provide all four children with a normal upbringing as possible, which includes ending all four to state schools. Prince Christian, the couple’s first-born was the first Danish royal to attend daycare. 

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