Actress Genelia Packs Lunchboxes With Heartfelt Notes For Sons

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Updated On: 05 Sep 2023

Actress Genelia Packs Lunchboxes With Heartfelt Notes For Sons

Asian mothers, especially Indian mothers have a unique way of showing their love towards their children, that is via food. Whether it is your birthday, a festival, or any other special occasion, you can rely on mothers to prepare delicious meals and special delicacies. When it comes down to preparing tiffins, and lunch boxes, it is where they put their whole soul into it. And guess what? It is no different for B-town mothers. For instance, take Genelia Deshmukh. You might know that she is an actress with a busy and hectic schedule. The same actress shared some wholesome, heartwarming moments on her Instagram story on Monday.

Genelia, due to her work commitment reasons, could not have as much time as she wished to spend with her two sons, Riyaan and Rahyl. But fortunately, she found a way to express her love, affection, and care towards her children. She prepared special lunchboxes for her sons and not just that, she added a rose on top of each box along with a heartwarming note. The notes on top of each box said, “My dear baby boy, I miss you so much and always remember being kind = being strong. I love you, Aai. 4/9/2023.” 

She captioned the Instagram story by saying, “When I have to work and still am always on a guilt trip, how do I deal with it… I leave them little notes with their dabbas, What do you do mommies?” Genelia is said to be a bonafide foodie, just like most of us. But she has a soft spot for homemade delicious food. 

Just recently, Genelia shared her thoughts on ghar ka khana (homemade food). The glamorous diva gave us a glimpse of her lunch featuring chapatis paired with a delectable bhurji. It was not sure whether the bhurji was made out of soya or paneer but either way, it looked scrumptious. There was another bowl with some sabzi in it. Bearing a simple twist, Genelia gave a shoutout to her movie ‘Trial Period’ by writing “Simple lunch and a reminder of Trial Period.” This movie is said to be Genelia’s fascinating comeback in the Bollywood industry and even made her debut in the Marathi industry through the movie ‘Ved.’ Apart from her acting endeavors, the actress makes sure to keep her fans engaged and entertained through her captivating Instagram Stories.

The couple, actress Genelia Deshmukh and actor Riteish Deshmukh are widely known in the Marathi Entertainment industry and not to mention Bollywood as well. After dating each other for almost eight years, the couple tied the knot in the year 2012. Actress Genelia paused her acting career after tying the knot with Riteish Deshmukh. After having two kids, Genelia resumed her career in acting with her new film ‘Wade.’ 

Even when she is packed with work, the mother in her doesn’t leave any opportunity to express the love and care she has for her children. 

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