All About the USHA Silai School Program

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Updated On: 27 Dec 2023

All About the USHA Silai School Program

The sky is the limit in the world of sewing. Sewing is considered to be a great journey that doesn’t just feed your aesthetic requirements but provides you with income. USHA Silai School Program is a place where any woman can learn all basic to advanced tailoring techniques, pattern making, apparel designing, textile designing, sewing hacks, and even Fashion design. If the basics are practiced and memorized perfectly then unfolding the world of garment construction and apparel designing is just a few steps away. In this program, the enrolled people undergo a proper curriculum, and a sequence of learnings is present to make the basic foundation and understanding of tailoring stronger. Even if you enroll in a Fashion Designing course, Cutting and Tailoring would still be an indispensable part of your course as it is a basic foundation of modern fashion designing and apparel designing. 

Objectives of this Program:

  • With this program, it is expected to reach the most remote villages. 
  • The next thing is to reach out to the most marginal communities and focus on women who have an inclination toward sewing by imparting sewing skills to them and encouraging them to train other village girls and women of the community. 
  • Each woman participating in the training program was given a sewing machine, the know-how of stitching, and the art of maintenance and repair of sewing machines. 
  • In return, after successful completion of the training, the women who received their training would train at least 20 other women in a span of 1 year. This is such a program that provided multiple skills to the women for livelihood generation such as: 
  • Entrepreneurship: Income from stitching.
  • Teaching: Income from teaching sewing.
  • Service & Maintenance: Income from servicing the sewing machine of others.

The basic features of Usha Silai School

  • Entrepreneurs of this program would deliver the curriculum to the girls and women in tailoring and sewing in this school.
  • The entrepreneur herself would be responsible for teaching the women who take guidance under her and the curriculum would be prescribed to her by Usha International Ltd. 
  • The teacher is expected to charge a nominal fee from their students (Learners) to receive an income. The amount of fee charged would lie at the discretion of the women entrepreneur. The fee collected would be her income. 
  • Maintenance and upkeep of the sewing machines would be handled by the entrepreneur to avoid the discontinuity of the classes or the Silai School.
  • Training schedule management and assignment of slots to the learners for practicing on the sewing machine at Silai School are also handled by the entrepreneur.
  • In addition to this, the entrepreneur will also be responsible for all three modes of income generation to initiate the success of the program.
  • KAGAS would have been instrumental in getting learners to the Silai School.

Program Outcome

  • With the help of this program, over 50 women were provided a 10-day training by the NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Designing).
  • After completing the training successfully, the learners are given one sewing machine each which motivates them to start a USHA Silai School in their villages and give training to interested women at the village level and earn fees from trainees. 
  • More than 20 women who completed their training and started their own Silai School & are earning around 1.5k to 2k every month. 
  • Among those, 10 have started school in remote village areas and are training 30 candidates per month, getting a nominal fee from those candidates.
  • Along with that, 5 women entrepreneur have opened their stitching shop in the nearby town and employed 2 to 3 women. And they have started generating income.
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