Types of Handbags & Luxury Picks for Women 

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Updated On: 16 Jan 2024

Types of Handbags & Luxury Picks for Women 

For women, luxury handbags are more than just accessories, they are considered a symbol of showing their personal sophisticated style. All these luxury handbags are crafted with the finest materials like white lamb, black crocodileb, etc. These handbags expose the quality and attention of the people to detail. There are so many handbags that are sleek and compact with minimal designs that catch the eyes of the people. These handbags not only show style and wealth but also ample space for all your essentials. If you are planning to go to a meeting, occasion, party, or simply treat yourself, a luxury handbag is the best accessory to fit any outfit. This is one of the best times to get ready to turn heads and make an eye-catching impression with a luxury handbag that reflects your choice, style, and personality.    

Types of Handbags for Women

Investing in a luxurious handbag is a significant decision, clarity on your preferences is crucial before the splurge. With a multitude of options available, understanding the most popular types is essential. While having it all would be ideal, focusing on a select few ensures a more informed choice. Explore the diverse and fashionable world of luxurious handbags to make a selection that not only complements your style but also proves to be a timeless and worthwhile investment.

Shoulder Bags

The ubiquitous luxury shoulder bag, frequently showcased by celebrities in paparazzi shots, seamlessly merges fashion and functionality. Ideal for those seeking a blend of style and utility, these bags come in diverse sizes and design options. The versatility of this bag makes it a go-to choice, effortlessly transitioning from an everyday essential to a chic accessory for cocktail dinners. The varying price points across designer brands offer a range of options, allowing individuals to embrace this fashionable piece tailored to their preferences and occasions. Elevate your look and convenience simultaneously with the timeless appeal of a luxury shoulder bag.


Tote bags have entrenched themselves as enduring fashion favourites, capturing the adoration of women worldwide. Their appeal lies in quirky, stylish designs that effortlessly complement various outfits. Luxury brands globally infuse creativity into these spacious, rectangular bags, experimenting with colour, texture, and materials. Often featuring open or zip tops, totes seamlessly transition from workplaces to any destination. Their ample size ensures worries about limited space vanish, making them versatile companions for modern fashionistas and even those less attuned to trends. The enduring popularity of tote bags is a testament to their blend of fashion, functionality, and universal appeal in today’s diverse style landscape.


Crossbody bags, a prevailing trend, effortlessly transition between casual and dressy occasions, requiring only a keen eye for fashion to pair with the right outfit. Ideal for a coffee outing with friends, these hands-free companions adapt seamlessly to various activities, even bike rides, ensuring worry-free mobility. Despite their compact size, crossbody bags expertly store essential items—cell phones, money, and more—allowing convenience without sacrificing style. The epitome of on-the-go chic, they excel in scenarios where you need your bag close but crave the freedom to move effortlessly, making them a versatile and fashionable choice for those attuned to the demands of contemporary living.


Distinguishing satchels from totes and handbags lie in their stout form, equipped with short handles and shoulder straps. Unlike totes, satchels boast a closed top, reminiscent of vintage books or doctor’s bags. Balancing a vintage charm with modern femininity, satchel bags find favour in formal settings like dinners or corporate events. The versatility of carrying them on the shoulder or in hand adds to their allure, allowing flexibility in styling. With a nod to history and a touch of contemporary elegance, satchel bags seamlessly blend function with fashion, becoming a sophisticated choice for those seeking refined yet practical accessories.


Clutch bags, versatile in style, range from chic to understated, becoming an indispensable accessory for many women. Whether carried alone or within a larger bag, their compact size belies a clever design with ample slots for money, cards, cell phones, and smaller items, serving as a multifunctional wallet. Despite their smaller scale, renowned designer brands inject innovation into clutch designs, offering options with or without straps. Slight variations in size, typically not exceeding A4 dimensions, cater to diverse preferences. The evolution of clutch bags extends beyond size, with designers experimenting with materials and embellishments, ensuring these compact companions remain both fashionable and functional.


Bucket bags are making a stylish comeback, perfect for casual outings with their classic design. Maintaining the fundamental shape, designers offer varied versions that align with contemporary trends. These bags feature a simple drawstring mechanism for easy opening and closing. The material spectrum spans from leather to woven fabrics, showcasing the versatility that contributes to their renewed popularity. Whether opting for a timeless leather finish or embracing woven textures, the reimagined bucket bag stands as a versatile and fashionable choice for those seeking a blend of classic aesthetics and current trends. 

Duffle Bag 

Duffle bags, also called barrel bags, offer versatility by being handheld or worn on the shoulder with a strap. Despite their lack of a defined shape, these bags boast high durability. Some duffle bags feature long slings for crossbody carry, adding to their adaptability. While not the go-to choice for formal events, they excel on casual occasions like girls’ day out or shopping trips. Their practicality extends to short travels, providing a lightweight option for those who prefer to travel unencumbered. Balancing durability and convenience, duffle bags emerge as reliable companions for various relaxed outings and compact travel needs.


Opt for a Hobo bag when uncertain about a casual night-out ensemble. Spacious interiors accommodate essentials, featuring a slouchy design with handles for a relaxed vibe. Whether on the shoulder or loosely hanging around the elbow, Hobo bags effortlessly enhance any look. Despite their loose shape, rigidity varies based on material thickness. Offering a blend of style and functionality, Hobo bags present a versatile and chic accessory, making them a reliable choice for those seeking an easygoing yet fashionable complement to their attire.


Backpacks seamlessly blend style with high functionality, making them indispensable for short trips or university classes. Combining a lightweight design with ample storage, these bags ensure there’s always a convenient slot for your belongings. Worn on the shoulders and hanging on the back, backpacks free up your hands for any task. Designer versions elevate the aesthetic with a chic, smooth, and delicate finish. A judicious selection can render your designer backpack both timeless and practical, offering a versatile accessory that not only enhances your style quotient but also serves as a reliable companion for various activities and occasions.

Bowling Bag

Bowling handbags are gaining popularity, celebrated for their stylish allure and sturdy structure, making them an ideal choice for fashionable dinner parties. Characterised by short handles, these bags are designed to be carried in hand or effortlessly hooked onto your elbow for a chic look. Crafted predominantly from premium leather, bowling bags exude a timeless charm that complements various occasions. The combination of fashionable aesthetics and practical design positions them as a sophisticated accessory, elevating your style quotient for upscale gatherings and events.


For a touch of fashion-forward elegance, consider the Bauletto style in designer handbags. Versatile and chic, it seamlessly transitions from intimate parties to daytime celebrations. Featuring short handles perfect for looping around your wrist or elbow, this design draws inspiration from French handbags. Bauletto bags are distinguished by their vibrant colours and intricate decorative details, adding a flair of sophistication to any ensemble. Embraced by renowned designer brands, this style caters to the growing demands of fashion connoisseurs, blending timeless charm with contemporary trends for those seeking a statement accessory that effortlessly complements diverse occasions.

Luxury Handbags for Women

Hermes Official Page: Check here
ChanelOfficial Page: Check here
Fendi          Official Page: Check here
Louis VuittonOfficial Page: Check here 
PradaOfficial Page: Check here
Marc Jacobs Official Page: Check here
Mouawad Official Page: Check here
Gucci           Official Page: Check here  
Bottega Veneta           Official Page: Check here
Saint Laurent           Official Page: Check here
Loewe           Official Page: Check here
The Row           Official Page: Check here
Kate Spade          Official Page: Check here 
Valentino           Official Page: Check here


    The popularity of this luxury brand Hermes is in high demand, the bad Jane Birkin ( Matte Crocodile Biking Bag ), a name after an English-French actor and singer, is considered one of the most expensive bags to date—the cost of this handbag cost at least $ 120,000. Birkins like Hermes and Himalayan Crocodile Birkins cost an outstanding $432,000, and this is also one of the most luxurious handbags ever. This brand has become a symbol of class, standard, wealth, and status, so handbags are in high demand among women. This Birkin’s outside is not only reflected crocodile leather but also made with a diamond-studded clasp of diamonds with 10 carats on a bed made of white gold. This luxury brand was founded in 18337 by Theirry Hermes, a French designer’s bag brand for women and is considered one of the most luxurious brands in the world. Their Birkin and Kelly Bags are the two most iconic handbags in the fashion industry. All their branded bags start at around $10,000 to over $300,000 for the materials and designs. 

    Contact: 800-441-4488

    Monday to Friday: 9 am to 9 pm EST, Saturday: 10 am to 9 pm EST  


    Chanel is one of the luxurious bag brands founded in 1909 by Coco Chanel. All their bags are quilted using lambskin, which is considered high-quality leather. These bags feature the interlocking signature CC logo. Coco Chanel’s luxurious brand is the most unique and iconic brand which retails around $8,000-$10,000 depending on the size of the bags. Their classic flap bags are one of the most demanded bags in the market. These brands landed their position for over a century and have become a symbol of classics and style. They showcased their brands in award shows like the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Grammys, movie premiers, and all the major events. 


    Scottsdale – 480-991-5626

    Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm EST, Saturday 10 am to 3 pm EST

    Chandler – 480-705-5626

    Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm EST 


    Fendi is one of the best brands for people who love handbags that look both fashionable and fun. This luxury brand was founded in 1925 by Adele and Edoardo Fendi, an Italian brand well-known for its fun designs and symbols like the double F logo. The unique twist-lock feature in Fendi’s Peekaboo Bag comes in many colours, and these bags retail for anything from $3,000 to more than $20,000. These brands are best known for their “baguette” or B handbags. These fun-designed bags are available in white lambskin, black crocodile leather, and a wide range of other designs. This B handbag costs around $28,000.

    Contact: +1 (888) 291-0163 

    Monday to Friday: 9 am to 11 pm EST, Saturday and Sunday: 9 am to 6 pm EST  

    Louis Vuitton 

    This brand Louis Vuitton is one of the most famous brands in bags. It was founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton, the brand has a rich history which adds more value to the brand. It is considered one of the classic brands in the world and is well-known for its luxury handbags. This brand is famous for its unique designs and style. Louis Vuitton’s Canvas Bag is an iconic symbol of luxury. In this brand, the bags were priced at $2,030 in 2023. The cheapest handbags in this brand range around $1,200. This is one of the branded and famous handbags, A-listers who often carry one of the bags in this brand for their award shows, red carpet events, and grand functions. The Petite Malle is the first creation of Nicholas Ghesquiere after taking over Marc Jacobs which costs around $34, 000. 

    Contact: 1800 103 9988 


    The Prada bag debuted in the 80s, and these nylon bags have experienced a huge resurgence. It is an Italian Luxury fashion brand that sells all kinds of luxury bags and was founded in 1913 in Milan by Mario Prad. Their Promenade Handbag has been one of the bestsellers from the house for a long time now. These handbags are available in four different sizes: mini, small, medium, and large. Promenade bags are crafted using Saffiano Leather and it is differentiated by its trapezoidal dome form. You can carry this bag as a crossbow with a long shoulder strap. This is the best nylon lining bag where you can fill all your essentials.  The classy emblem on the front gives a classy look to the handbag and your essentials won’t slip off even when the two zips are opened. These Prada bags are created from recycled materials with the signature logo like a triangle made of metal. 

    Contact: 1-877-997-7232 

    Monday to Saturday 09:00 to 10:00 pm EST, Sunday 09:00 to 08:00 pm EST  

    Marc Jacobs

    This is one of the best choices for people who love to buy accessories that are both stylish and unique. The Snapshot bag which features a bold logo with a unique camera-inspired design has a wide variety of bright colours. This is one of the most popular handbags which costs $300 to more than $2,000. Depending on the size and material, the price may vary. Another famous bag in this brand is the Carolyn Crocodile handbag in a purple colour which is made up of crocodile skin and ranges $50,000. Apart from the price they offer good-quality bags. After Louis Vuitton, this brand is one of the top-listed luxurious handbags for women. The notable point here is that his luxurious handbag business has extended to more than 200 retail stores in 80 countries across the globe. There is one more gorgeous pink leather bag with a gold handle is a famously designed bag which costs around $2, 000. 

    Contact: 8877-707-6272 

    Monday to Friday: 08:00 am to 11 pm EST 


    This is a privately held Swiss and Emirati Luxury goods company, apart from the handbags there are so many varieties of diamond purses and all are made up of 18-karat gold and studded with 4,500 diamonds which is considered one of the most expensive and the best designer handbag costs $3.8 million. The 1001 Nights Diamond Purse received a Guinness World Record for being the most valuable handbag in the world. This brand was founded by a European designer in 1891, in Beirut. It is known well for its rare designs and the best selection of materials. Their handbags are some of the most exclusive and unique in the world. 

    Contact: +961 4711 202 


    Gucci’s Jackie is made up of leather on the exterior and Suede microfiber on the interior. This is one of the best handbags by the Gucci brand which was launched in 1961. The luxurious handbag is made up of Italian leather with standout features like their brand’s signature gold-toned piston closure making it a collector’s item. There are four sizes available in this shoulder handbag and it fits under your arm that helps you to carry all your essentials in a single handbag.  The other luxurious handbag ‘Horsebit’ handbag was first launched in 1955 and is now one of the famous stylish handbags with a classy look. It has classic leather and a strap with canvas which gives you more versatility. They launched one of the bamboo-handle bags which is one of the famous bags in their brand. Their unique designs and variations of colours cover the eyes of Hollywood icons like Ingrid Bergman who carried a version of it in the 1954 film Viaggio in Italia. 

    Contact: +1 877 482 2430 

    Bottega Veneta

    This brand is well known for its Cabot, Veneta, and knot bags, it has many varieties of handbags. They use many luxe materials to bring the perfect luxurious brand handbag to the market. The weave design is the notable design that attracts everyone to the Bottega handbags. You can see many branded handbags have their logo printed on their bags, but in this luxurious handbag, they don’t print any logo of their brand on the handbags and specialised artist designs all these handbags. In this brand, their Intrecciato Crossbody Bag Calf Leather Brown handbag is one of the famous bags which has an adjustable leather strap and the classic beige colour completes the bag with a perfect finish that suits any kind of outfit. 

    Contact: +1 646 883 9175 

    Monday to Friday: 9 am to 9 pm EST, Saturday: 10 am to 7 pm EST, Sunday: 10:00 am to 07:00 pm EST 

    Saint Laurent 

     Saint Laurent is making not only luxury handbags but also jewellery. They use selected leathers like Snakeskin, Moroccan, and Crocodile skin to make this luxury handbag. They use vegetable fibre in the summer bags and for the small bags, they will use the tortoise skin. The best designers and experts in this field design these luxurious bags. They design the bags like books, bags with straps, bags with horn handles, and bags that look like panther skin. In this brand, their Saint Laurent Amalil Flap Shoulder Handbag Brown is one of the best handbags to fill all your essentials without much effort, it has a classic rich look with a perfect strap that sits on your shoulder. 

    Contact: +1 866 725 6791


      All these branded Handbags are designed by prime craftsmanship and by a leather specialist. This is one of the famous brands of Spanish Luxury Handbags which is well-known for their leather goods. Their mini bags gained the most popularity in this brand and look chic and stylish. In this brand, the Loewe Nappa Aire Handbag Calf Leather Brown bag is one of the top-selling bags for its rolled leather handles, magnetic lock, and zip inside the bag. This is considered one of the most luxurious handbags in the market. 

      Contact: +1 786-224-0412

      The Row 

      Row’s Bag is a finely crafted and designed handbag for women, the style of the bag won’t fade, and that marks the brand name high. There are so many trendy bags with perfect lining and shades.  In their brand, they use high-quality fabrics which are available in all classic colours. They do all the design very simply and minimally so that they do not go overboard. In this brand, the Row Circle Handbag Suede Leather Red comes in a burgundy colour.  This handbag has a unique style, structure and selected materials which adds value and class to the bag. The circular handle in this bag fits perfectly on your shoulder and hand. 

      Contact: +1 888 970 1050 

      Michael Kors

      This is one of the famous brands in bags, which is subtle and easily noticeable. The touch in the bag and the wide variety of collections are designed to be used on a daily basis. These bags suit any type of outfit. The Michael Kors Jet Set Large East West Crossbody Bag comes with sufficient space which can be held easily and the straps are adjustable and easy to carry your essentials. 

      Contact: 011 4963 3350 

      Monday to Friday: 9 am to 11 pm EST, Saturday and Sunday: 10 am to 6 pm EST

      Kate Spade

      This is one of the best luxurious handbag brands which offers quality leather handbags. Kate Spade bags are perfect for any kind of occasion and it has so many varieties and colours which compete with your outfit. The Kate Spade New York Women’s Smile Small Shoulder Handbag is a unique collection in this brand. It looks classy, chic and trendy with pebbled leather and smooth leather lining to finish the complete look.   

      Contact: 0800 240 4320 


      You can easily find Valentino designer handbags with their famous rock stud detailing. This is a French house-branded handbag that has something for everyone, from its sleek straps to trendy bags in many varieties of colours and designs. You can have large and small size bags, the large size bags are designed with two straps and the small size are designed with single straps to make the perfect outlook. There are some vibrant colours like orange and hot pink available in this brand. They also have the small leather raffia tote which suits perfectly with light white dresses, swimwear, cut-off shorts, and tank tops. The Valentino Crossbody Bag Calf leather red bag comes with silver-tone rock stud embellishments, this is one of the best bags to carry all your minimal things. 

      Contact: 1 855 967 1970

      Monday to Friday: 9 am to 8 pm EST, Saturday: 10 am to 7 pm EST 

      Tips to consider before choosing the best designer handbags

      Fabric: Explore diverse bag materials to enhance your handbag with perfect style and durability. Optimal craftsmanship and sublime fabrics ensure your bag withstands wear and tear. Leather, a staple for luxury brands like Chanel and Gucci, stands out for its popularity and durability. For sustainable choices, consider eco-friendly alternatives from Stella McCartney or Thermoiré. Designer nylon handbags offer budget-friendly options with shape retention and flexibility. Canvas, known for being waterproof and robust, suits heavy daily use. Whether it’s the timeless allure of leather or eco-conscious alternatives, understanding fabric options is crucial for selecting a designer handbag that combines style with resilience in 2023.

      Shape: Discover the perfect handbag silhouette to match your style aspirations. Whether it’s a street-style statement or a timeless classic, there’s a design for everyone. First-time designer seekers should gravitate toward enduring shapes like tote bags or bucket bags, offering versatility and essential storage. Embrace trendier alternatives like bowling bags or half-moon designs for a fashion-forward, off-duty model aesthetic. Amidst the style quest, prioritise quality on par with fashion, recognizing that durability is as crucial as aesthetics when selecting the ideal luxury handbag. Find the balance between personal expression and enduring craftsmanship to ensure your choice stands the test of time and trends.

      Size: Tailor your designer handbag choice to its purpose. A large tote suits work, accommodating a laptop and essentials, while a small clutch is ideal for evening outings, holding just a cardholder and lip gloss. Before purchasing, scrutinise dimensions and model photos to gauge proportions accurately. Ensuring the bag aligns with your needs prevents the disappointment of investing in a designer piece that falls short of expectations. Whether it’s professional functionality or elegant simplicity, understanding your usage requirements ensures your designer handbag not only exudes style but seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle. Choose wisely to avoid regret and maximise the utility of your fashionable investment.

      Keerthana Jayaraman

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      Which company is famous for Women’s bags?

      Laive, Lino Perros, Hidesign, Caprese, and Baggit are famous companies for Women’s Bags. 

      Is Da Milano a luxurious brand?

      The brand Da Milano is a luxurious brand for its luxurious leather accessories which provide sublimity and it is at an affordable price.

      Which is the most expensive bag for women?

      The 1001 Nights diamond purse bag is considered the most expensive bag for women and was crafted by Mouawad jewellers. This bag received the Guinness World Records and it was priced at $3.8 million, 10 artisans were designed to cover the heart-shaped piece with more than 4,000 diamonds. The colour stones total 381.92 carats. 

      Which is considered the rarest bag for women?

      Himalaya Kelly Bag is considered the rarest handbag for women. 

      Which is called the most expensive luxurious brand in 2023?

      Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy is called the most expensive luxurious brand in 2023, with a brand value of about 124.3 billion U.S. dollars.

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