Sandra Expresses Intel’s Ambition for its 14,000 Indian Employees

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Updated On: 16 Aug 2023

Sandra Expresses Intel’s Ambition for its 14,000 Indian Employees

“Electronics manufacturing is a wonderful opportunity for Intel in India”, said Sandra Rivera, the executive vice president, and general manager at the Data Centre and AI Group, Intel Corporation during her visit to Bengaluru on August 8. According to a report from Intel, approximately around 14,000 full-time employees and thousands of contract workers are currently based out of the Bengaluru campus. These employees work on everything from CPU and GPU designs and even designing all kinds of software to data research and product of the Xeon CPU line. This makes Intel’s Largest R&D base outside the USA. Here, people collaborate in teams from multiple countries and more than 3,000 employees are dedicated to the field of Data Centre and AI research which work on the Xeon CPU line of Intel. 

“India has been an important region for us from a research and development perspective, but we see that with all the investment made by the government towards digital transformation, India is set to become a huge consumption market for us. This presents an opportunity to build more infrastructure here,” Rivera said. Rivera further mentioned that the original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and original device manufacturing (ODM), these global companies are investing in India and Intel is looking forward to associating with them and making partnerships with them. 

Intel looks at India as a talent hub with its huge pool of knowledge workers and STEM graduates. Sandra even expresses her appreciation of the Indian employees as most of the advancements, improvements, and progress regarding GPUs (Graphic Processing Units) CPUs (Control Processing Units) FGPAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) & AIs (Artificial Intelligence) accelerators happen at the Indian offices the most. 

Up to now, Intel has invested $9 million in India. Rivera said that the company is going to form a partnership with customers as the company notices more data sovereignty in this region and providing a suitable infrastructure would level up the growth opportunities. It even foresees the room to build more data centers, software ecosystems, and even enterprise solutions in India. 

“We plan to invest in the ecosystem and build partnerships with them to make sure that they can deliver products to market. Our OEMs and ODMs across the globe are investing in India, and Intel is also investing with them. Much of what we have done with the supply chain over the years in Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and other places will now also take place in India” said Sandra Rivera on her visit to Bengaluru on the 8th of August. 

Intel is one of the largest semiconductor chip manufacturers by retail and is one of the x86 series of instructions found in most personal computers used by millions of individuals. It is an American multinational corporation with its headquarters located in Santa Clara, California. This was established in the year 1968 & offers a multitude of products and services. Sandra River is the current executive vice president and general manager of the Data Center and AI Group at Intel Corporations. 

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