Saarc Women Entrepreneurs To Participate in the 42nd IITF

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Updated On: 02 Nov 2023

Saarc Women Entrepreneurs To Participate in the 42nd IITF

Women entrepreneurs hailing from the Saarc nations will participate in the 42nd Indian International Trade Fair which showcases products prepared by women entrepreneurs. The theme of the event is Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: United by Trade and it is considered that this event will be the largest trade fair in recent times which covers approximately 1.1 lakh square meters and more than 10 lakh visitors are expected in this trade fair. The attractions of this trade fair include stalls from the Saarc nations along with representatives from Turkey and Bahrain are most likely to participate in this event. 

The report of officials of the Indian Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO), who is the organizer of this annual event, announced that this year’s IITF would be the largest trade fair to be held in the city in this new generation. This event would be a throwback to the Indian presidency of the G20 Global grouping. The event encompasses an area of 1.1 lakh square meters of the newly built Pragathi Maidan and the expo would be taking place ranging from Hall number 1 to 14. 

On the contrary, the area measured 73,000 sqm in 2022 and approximately 63,000 sqm in the year 2021. Only hall numbers 1, 6, and 14 were excluded from the last year’s trade fair. 

“Despite being held in Pragati Maidan, Bharat Mandapam, which is the venue of the G20 summit, will not be a part of the trade fair. However, states and companies can separately book Bharat Mandapam for business-to-business meetings,” said an official from the Indian Trade Promotion Organisation. 

The major attraction of IITF 2023 is the stalls of women entrepreneurs representing Saarc nations which consist of Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, and Maldives will be given a separate place to showcase their products. Along with these, countries such as Bahrain and Turkey are most likely to attend this trade fair. Another major attraction of IITF is the Geographical Indications (GI) pavilion set up by departments for the promotion of industry and internal trade. The officials even mentioned the food courts are bigger compared to the last few years. 

Deputy Manager of the Indian Trade Promotion Organisation, Krishan Kumar, claimed that “This year’s will take people back to the old glory of the trade fair. In the past few years, the annual event was organized at a lower scale because the Pragati Maidan complex was being redeveloped. However, IITF 2023 will be spread over a gross area of 1,10,000 square meters.”  

Currently, bookings for central ministries, commodity boards, state governments, marquee companies, and PSUs are underway. Online bookings for private businesses and companies would most likely begin from next week. The focus states in this year’s IITF are Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir, and Delhi. The partner states of IITF 2023 are Kerala, Jharkhand, and Bihar. Officials mentioned the entry fee per adult on weekends during business days would be 500 rupees and on non-business days it would cost around 150 rupees. During the weekdays, the entry fee per adult on weekends during business days would be 500 rupees, and on non-business days it would cost around 80 rupees.
The IITF fair will take place from November 14-27, 2023 in Pragati Maidan. The timings of the fair are 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. each day. The entry gates are gate numbers 1 and 4 on Bhairon Raod and gate numbers 6 and 10 on Mathura Road.

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