Razorpay Offers Returnship Program for Women on Career Break 

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Updated On: 22 Nov 2023

Razorpay Offers Returnship Program for Women on Career Break 

Razorpay, India’s one of the leading Fintech industries calls out female professionals with their returnship program. This program is specially crafted for female workers who have taken a career break and are looking for different opportunities to return to the workforce. In the previous month, Razorpay, the Bengaluru-based company had launched “Resume with Razorpay” where the female candidates are offered a six-month internship program for a smoother way towards returning to work.

This program is exclusively for professional women or women who have worked before and have taken a break for more than a year or two. According to the company’s stat, it is found that more than 1,300 candidates have given their application forms so far. It is seen that out of 10 women at least eight women plan to return to work. The data collected by HerKey, formerly JobsForHer states that four out of ten women already secured full-time positions. 

Chitbhanu Nagri, the senior vice president at Razorpay, in an interview with ET, shared that in this program the company has opened up various roles in the engineering team. While the company trains the candidates in their respective roles, they are also going to upskill their techniques through hands-on experience in the learning and development programs to narrow down the gap in terms of what they missed out on in their break period. 

During the internship period, the candidates will be assigned to different mentors based on their roles as a part of Razorpay’s mentorship program. This program, ‘MIND – Mentoring in New Directions’ involves face-to-face or one-on-one interactions with the mentor, aimed at delivering additional support to all the candidates who participate. This will be a stepping stone in their career path and help them grow, adjust, and adapt to the corporate world again. Every candidate under this program will be given equal opportunities and leverage to benefits regarding childcare assistance while being a full-time employee. Along with this, the candidate is eligible to be consulted with mental health counselors under the employee assistance program.

Other benefits of this program include:

  • You can own the projects you like to work on like an entrepreneur. 
  • You get an opportunity to share space with some of the excellent brains in the fintech industries. 
  • Mentorship opportunities with Razorpay’s MIND
  • Upskilling and deep training

Nagri further added, “Returning women form a very strong untapped talent pool in the industry. Through this initiative, we are demonstrating our intent and commitment to invest in this talent pool.”

A study by LinkedIn revealed that seven out of ten women tend to take leave from their careers due to various personal reasons in the Indian workforce. The leave can be for childcare, maternity, or other reasons. 

Apart from Razorpay, the companies that have returnship programs in the corporate field include Genpact, Wells Fargo, Tata Starbucks, Accenture, KPMG (Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler), and JP Morgan. Experts remarked on such returnship programs as a good step in the tech industry because apart from accepting gender inclusivity and diversity statistics, it also allows the organizations to select talent from an experienced pool. 

About Razorpay:

A digital gateway for frictionless payments, Razorpay was founded by IIT Roorkee alumni: Shashank Kumar and Harshil Mathur. It is a payment mode that combines various banking systems. An all-in-one online payment that keeps all your credit, and debit cards, UPIs, and popular e-wallets secured in one place. It makes hassle-free payments in India as different banks and wallets get connected to it to make payments easier for everyone.

When the pandemic broke, people had to stay back which resulted in a long break from direct interaction. This paved the way for people to get comfier with the digital platforms which included digital payments as well. The introduction of digital payment has resulted in the upstream in the business industries. Razorpay serves as a platform for cross-linking various apps. Apart from the payment gateway, Razorpay allows the merchant to automate bank transfers, generate invoices, payroll, and even the account. 

For business, Razorpay offers you loans to avoid cash flow. All small businesses benefit from this and helps them make their presence in the marketplace by making available the working capital rolls. Mostly Razorpay is freely used in India and by companies like India Mart Intermesh Limited, Ample Technologies, Brio Technologies Private Limited, and Savari Car Rentals Private Limited. 

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