Preet Sanghvi: Founder of India’s 1st & Only Food Curation & Management Agency 

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Updated On: 01 Feb 2024

Preet Sanghvi: Founder of India’s 1st & Only Food Curation & Management Agency 

Preet Sanghvi is an excellent foodie architect, and a global citizen hailing from Mumbai and based in Dubai. She is a specialized Food and Menu Curator, International Food Tourism strategist, and F&B consultant for events, tourism boards, destinations, and restaurants with work experience of more than 9 years in marketing, advertising, and hospitality. Preet Sanghvi is not just an International Food Tourism Strategist but she is the founder of India’s first and the only company that uses an imaginative application of food and marketing, Gourmet Tales Co. Gourmet Tales Co is a Food Curation and Management Agency that is headquartered in Mumbai and Dubai.

Start of this Trailblazing Journey

Preet belonged to a family where food had always been the center of everything. Food choices were prioritized more than other choices. Preet had always dreamt of working in this field since the beginning. At the age of 18, she started working as an intern at a PR agency for hospitality brands which got her interested in restaurant space. After earning her Master’s from the University of Bath in the UK and writing my 1st dissertation around marketing for restaurants which got published into a book, she worked for Pritam Hospitality group in Bombay (Mumbai) as the brand manager to gain real-time experience from a restaurant. 

Under the group where she worked initially, she launched 9 of their restaurants and chains like Grandmama’s Cafe, MRP,

Tori, House of Lloyd.

She worked in almost every aspect including brand building, marketing, kitchen, and operations, from launching restaurants to curating their menus had a huge impact on her career. It served as a career booster in this journey of hers. Being a travel enthusiast who has been to more than 35 countries and destinations discovering their food culture, and participating in music and food festivals, she realized the need for food curation and management in the event industry in India as well. 

Launch of Gourmet Tales Co.

A casual talk over hot chocolate with a friend brought up the idea of launching of company that solely engages in food curation and management of big events and that’s how Gourmet Tales Co. came into existence. Gourmet Tales Co. started in the year 2018 with the help of co-founder Devika Saigal. 

This F&B and Food Curation conceptualizing company with operations both in India and UAE has built more than 700 F&B brands across India and internationally including Europe, Australia, and the UAE. Along with this, the company has curated food menus for some of the largest events across India and Dubai including the Lollapalooza India, BMW Joytown, Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Breezer Vivid Shuffle, Youtube Fanfest,  Mahindra Blues, things2do Mumbai Mango Festival, Filmfare Awards, and many more. Gourmet Tales Co. is the first Indian food curation company to be curating food zones for International events in UAE such as the Falguni Pathak Show Dubai, HSBC Golf Championship, High Score Con Event, and more. 

Her passion in the marketing field combined with the love she has for food, undeniably helped in the network expansion across the globe while exploring the skill and career of Food Curation, especially in the events industry. Curation, the term that was only limited to the Art industry, is now also brought into the Food space given the importance of food in the events industry, especially after attending festivals around the world. Her strength and purpose lay in exploring and discovering go,egrown F&B brands and talent across the nation and bringing them to the spotlight by featuring them in events and experiences. 

She aims to help out the events, destinations, cities, and government, and promote their economy through food with effective strategies that involve hospitality, food movements, food festivals, agriculture, and subsequent media.

The Lolla Food Park, which was conceptualized and curated by Preet & Gourmet Tales Co. brought in more than 72 food brands from around the nation which were categorized into three different themed food lanes along with multiple food trucks and carts. The food park consisted of a lane that featured all the iconic local brands of Mumbai such as Haji Ali, Mini Punjab, Copper Chimney, Tibb’s, Ayubs, and Tawalkar. The lane named ‘Mumbai Local Lane’ was the first of its kind for a music festival in history. This theme ended up being an IP that brings in different homegrown brands as well as restaurants and provides them with an opportunity to showcase their cuisine to a huge audience. Every single brand featured has presented a special ‘Lolla Special Dish’ that is curated personally for the Lollapalooza event alongside the GTC for the festival. This became popular alongside the artist lineup of Lollapalooza Lollapalooza’s second edition Lolla Food Park will be curated by GTC and guarantees to be twice as epic. 

Awards/Degrees and Portfolio of Preet Sanghvi

  • Masters in Marketing from the University of Bath, UK
  • Masters in Gastronomy: World Food Cultures & Mobility from the University of Gastronomic Sciences, Italy.
  • Co-founder and CEO of Gourmet Tales Co. (Food Curation and Management Company – the World’s Local F&B Consultancy Firm)
  • Food and beverage concept development
  • Menu curator for weddings, corporate events, and events. 
  • Global F&B Experience creation which helps to build destinations, food festivals, and events, experiences, restaurants, malls, communities, food TV series. 
  • Jury Panel of Dubai International Taste Awards
  • Outstanding Leadership Award at Food 2.0
  • Winner of Chef Loki’s Masterchef Australia Fellowship 2020
  • Worked as an International Food Tourism Strategist for Culinary Consultancy projects in the Middle East and Asia for Gastrodiplomacy ((Helping cities and governments
  • promote their economy and tourism via food). 
  • Worked with Tourism boards of UAE, MTDC, Delhi Tourism, Italy and Melbourne)
  • Freelance writer in several publications like Appraisal, New Gastronome, etc., and delivered talks, and seminars on Gastronomy & Marketing in Schools and Universities. 
  • Featured in the award-winning book – ‘Khichdi’ by award-winning author Flavel Monteiro

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