World Champions Jyoti, Aditi & Parneet Bag Gold in Asian Games

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Updated On: 12 Oct 2023

World Champions Jyoti, Aditi & Parneet Bag Gold in Asian Games

The Indian Women’s Compound Archery Team consisting of Jyoti Surekha Vennam, Aditi Swami, and Parneet Kaur on 5th of October, 2023, put on a spectacular performance and secured the gold medal in archery at the Asian Games 2023. The trio beat the Chinese-Taipei consisting of Yi-Hsuan Chen, I-Jou Huang, and Lu-Yun Wang team in a closely fought battle in the finals to clinch the gold medal at the Fuyang Yinhu Sports Centre in Hangzhou on Thursday (October 5). This is the second gold medal scored by the Indian contingent in archery at the 19th Asian Games after the top finish in the mixed team event of compound archery.

India is assured of more medals in archery as all three archers of the team are finalized for the finals of the Individual event of the same category. 

In the first end, the Indian archers started it off with tense postures as two of the archers Parneet and Aditi started with a 9 point each while Jyoti maintained the momentum scoring a perfect 10. On the other hand, the Chinese Taipei archers scored 10s each while the last archer scored 7 points which gave an advantage to the Indian team but the trio failed to take the benefit of it. Star performer of the semifinal, Parneet, got an 8 and both Jyoti and Aditi scored 9s each. Meanwhile, The Chinese Taipei archers scored 10,10 and 9 taking a two-point lead in the first end. 

Each End comprises six arrows, two each from every member of the team. 60 is the maximum score a team can achieve in an End.

Moving on to the second end, Jyoti saved the team once again with her grace by scoring 10 after Aditi and Parneet scored 9s each. Archers of Chinese Taipei teams scored a perfect 30, increasing the lead to four points now. Facing the pressure, the Indian trio brought their A-game to the table and scored their first perfect 30 in the final. During the final three shots of this end, Taipei got 10, 10 and 7. The last shot of 7 became the turning point of the match as it gave India a one-point lead (112-111). 

In the next two ends, it was a neck-to-neck fight as viewers and others witnessed one of the best archery from both sides. While the Chinese Taipei trio scored a perfect 60, the Indian trio got a score of 59. Parneet missed the bullseye once among the rest which brought the score to 171-apiece at the end of the third End.

The final End began with Aditi and Jyoti scoring perfect 10s each while Parneet had to settle down for 9 points. One of the Taipei archers scored 9 as well which meant the scores were still a tie with three more arrows to go for each archer. Aiming for the gold medal, the Indian archery trio Aditi, Jyoti, and Parneet displayed a remarkable performance, scoring a perfect 30 with their amazing composure, which added immense pressure on the Taipei team. The first archer of Taipei scored 9 points which immediately ensured the Indian team of gold despite the rest scoring a perfect 10s each. India won the finals with a score of 230-229. 

This match in the finals even stunned Korea because although it was a narrow victory with a single-point lead, it showed the rise of India in compound archery as they nearly ended the Korean domination of this discipline. 

The trio of Jyoti, Aditi, and Parneet faced a bit of difficulty in making it to the finals. On Thursday, October 5th, the Indian trio started it off by tackling Hong Kong China in the quarterfinals and secured an easy win against the Indonesian team in the Semifinals. 

Jyothi, who previously clinched a gold medal with Ojas Pravin Deotale in the compound archery mixed team event captained India’s trio in this event along with Aditi Gopichand Swami. The two experienced, hit bullseye frequently in the quarterfinals against Hong Kong China’s Hung Ting Cheng, Yuk Sheung Wong, and Yin Yi Luk. The Indian trio claimed their spot in the semis with a resounding win of 231-220.

And the results were no different in the semifinals as well. If anything, the Indian archers, especially Parneet, raised their shooting. The team shot a perfect 60 in the first End taking a huge lead in the beginning itself which became impossible for the Indonesian team to catch up as the match proceeded further. India walked away with an easy win over Indonesia’s Ratih Fadhly, Syahara Khoerunisa, and Sri Ranti by 233-219.

The Indian Compound Men’s Archery team will face Bhutan in the quarterfinals in the afternoon session. Abhishek Verma & Ojas Pravin Deotale are going to be in the final of Compound Men’s Individual.  

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