Jilumol Thomas: First Asian Woman Without Hands to Get Driving License

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Updated On: 05 Jan 2024

Jilumol Thomas: First Asian Woman Without Hands to Get Driving License

If a person is passionate and determined enough, no boundary is out of your reach and the Jilumol Mariet Thomas is the proof of that. A resident of Kerala, Jilumol is the epitome of nothing is impossible. The 32-year-old has created a history of becoming the first armless woman from Asia to secure a driving license. She effortlessly makes use of her feet to drive and accelerate her driving and life. After waiting for six long years, Jilumol Mariet Thomas finally got her license approved and the Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan, personally handed over the license to her in Palakkad.

Jilumol Mariet Thomas was born without arms because of a congenital disorder. Despite this, her determination and willpower to be able to drive propelled her in the direction to do so. Gaining help from the State Commission for Persons with Disabilities along with a private firm in Kochi which modified her car with disability-friendly adjustments. 

As per the reports, Jilumol Mariet Thomas dreamt of learning how to drive a car since the beginning, especially after losing her parents in order to be independent. She learned to drive at the Mariya Driving School in Vaduthala and approached the Thodupuzha RTO in the Idukki district, seeking a license. The RTO officials denied her request, following which she determinedly approached the Kerala High Court.

With the intervention of the court, Jilumol executed a test drive in a modified car in front of the MVD officials. However, they rejected the issue of her driving license yet again. After a lot of failed attempts, she finally approached the State Commission for Persons with Disabilities. The Commission quoted the example of Vikram Agnihotri from Indore, the first man without arms in India to secure a driver’s license. 

Subsequently, she was able to finally receive the license last month. Earlier, she told IANS, a news agency that she feared that she would never get the license since her biggest handicap was her mobility. But after receiving her license she is the happiest cause she overcame her biggest impediment. Thomas’ determination to seek the license at any cost, and not give up after so many years is an inspiration to many.

Not to mention, her driving instructors were extremely proud of her achievement despite the countless rejections she faced. Her grit, determination, and commitment were so strong that she proved their perception of her was wrong, as per the statement of the driving school owner, Jopan. 

She was supported by Vi Innovations Pvt Ltd in Kochi, which used assistive technology to make the necessary electronic adjustments to her 2018 Maruti Celerio and gave her wings by developing a voice commands-based system for operating indicators, wipers and headlamps for her car.

About State Commission for Persons with Disabilities:

This was formed under Section 57 of The Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995. The Office of the Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities is established to carry out mandatory steps to safeguard the rights of persons with disabilities.

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