Rupika, at 55, Breaks Norms, Crowned Mrs. India One in a Million

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Updated On: 05 Jan 2024

Rupika, at 55, Breaks Norms, Crowned Mrs. India One in a Million

At the age of 55, actress and model Rupika Grover wins the title of Mrs. India One in a Million 2023 pageant in the classic category, shattering all the age norms and breaking the stereotype. By winning this, she became the oldest member to secure this prestigious title, conveying a powerful message of beauty and success being not defined by age and bringing down the wall of age-related stereotypes. She propagated to countless people that beauty is boundless. 

Hailing from the small town of Jammu, Rupika Grovr was raised in this quaint town. She set foot on a transformative journey that required her to step out of her peaceful hometown to the hustling and bustling city of Mumbai. There, she built up a loving family and became an important member of the entertainment industry. Later, she was blessed with two sons. Her life took a great turn after pursuing her career as a passionate advocate for voiceless creatures, collaborating with local NGOs to rescue and improve the lives of animals. 

Rupika’s journey in the advocacy field continued to spread further as she started empowering women by providing knowledge regarding their basic and other rights which itself was breaking the stereotypical wall built by the society. She strongly believed that age is just a number and that should never pose a problem in achieving something. With a daring move, she stepped into the world of modeling at the age of 50. In an interview asking about her passion, dedication, and resilience, Rupika talked about how she shared the screen with film industry legends like Amitabh Bachchan, Ranveer Singh, and many others. 

To achieve the milestone of earning that prestigious title, Mrs. India One in a Million 2023, the model has to undergo rigorous training helmed by several mentors, including choreographer Sandeep Soparkar, and Fashion director-pageant trainer Kavita Kharayat. Devoting her time to excel in the comprehensive training regime, she worked each day. She refined her walk, enhanced her stage presence, and delved into India’s rich cultural tapestry, discovering and browsing through various traditions, costumes, and languages to create an authentic and immersive experience. 

However, she did not just secure the title of Mrs. India One in a Million 2023. Along with that, Rupika Grover bagged several other titles such as “Bold and Beautiful Classic,” “Fit Classic,” and “Talented Classic,” which proved her dedication, prowess, versatility, and passion across various dimensions. Her journey is inspirational to every individual of all ages. This achievement is evidence of how hard work, effort, strong belief, and dedication, along with a bold step filled with courage, anyone’s dream can turn into reality. Her win portrays a strong message that beauty is indeed boundless there is no age limit for someone to bloom, questioning and shattering societal norms and perceptions. This story of Rupika has created a new benchmark for success in the world of pageantry & beauty.

The pageant, which saw 73 contestants from India and overseas, was not just a celebration of beauty, but also an affirmation of empowerment, diversity, and talent. Breaking free from the conventional beauty pageant blueprint, it was an avenue where women could confidently exhibit their personalities and talents, fostering a sense of self-confidence and unity.

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