Harvard Offers New Course Exploring Taylor Swift’s Impact

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Updated On: 29 Nov 2023

Harvard Offers New Course Exploring Taylor Swift’s Impact

Harvard University is all set to launch a new course on the musical journey of Taylor Swift called ‘Taylor Swift and Her World.’ This course explores the global influence, cultural impact, the songs, lyrics, and music of Taylor Swift. Furthermore, the course covers her overall impact on today’s youth, other artists, and writers. Her recent musical tour across the globe, The ERAS Tour has shattered charts and left a deep impression in the hearts of the people who came to watch. The huge success of this tour speaks volumes about how she influences the younger generation. Her presence in various countries has left the audience with an everlasting effect with her voice, music, and lyrics. Her fandom continues to grow even now. The course further explores how her contributions to the music industry cross paths with literature and how it is worth researching her works.

According to a recently published article in Weekly Entertainment, two major universities would be offering courses on the musical journey of Taylor Swift and a few other female artists. Professor Stephanie Burt of Harvard University will be taking the course titled Taylor Swift and Her World. The course offers to take a deeper look into the music, impact, and impact of Taylor Swift. 

Meanwhile, Professor Melina Jimenez of the University of Florida will be taking up the delivery of the course titled Musical Storytelling with Taylor Swift and Other Iconic Female Artists. The list consists of Taylor Swift, Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, Dolly Parton, and other impactful female artists. On the other hand, Harvard University and the University of Florida are not the only two universities that would be offering such courses. Other universities such as Ghent University in Belgium, the University of Texas at Austin, Berklee College of Music, the University of California, and so on are offering the same. 

Harvard University Professor Stephanie Burt said, “We are lucky enough to be living in a time when one of our major artists is also one of the most famous people on the planet, Why would you not have a course on that?” as per Harvard Crimson. 

Taylor Swift holds plenty of records for her massive album sales and is known for streaming traffic. She even has countless accolades under her name. She is one of the most popular and impactful artists who has topped the global music charts over and over again. With her music and songs, she bridges the indescribable connection from audiences’ hearts to her songs. 

Coming to the musical impact on the globe, Taylor Swift is not the only one who has secured academia under her name, solely dedicated to her. Previously a course was launched on the former popular band, One Direction member, Harry Styles offered by Texas State University. Even UC Berkley has a course on Nicki Minaj whereas San Diego State launched out a class on Bad Bunny. 

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