Ashanti Expecting Her First Child with Boyfriend Nelly

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Updated On: 05 Dec 2023

Ashanti Expecting Her First Child with Boyfriend Nelly

Ashanti is expecting her first baby with boyfriend Nelly after renewing the spark of romance with Nelly, earlier this year. The news comes to the light through US Weekly magazine. This baby will be Ashanti’s first child whereas Nelly shares a daughter Chanelle who is 29 years old and a son Cornell Haynes III who is 24 years old, with his ex Channetta Calentine. The 43-year-old Ashanti kindled the rumor of her pregnancy during the weekend when she attended the Black and White Ball held at St. Louis along with her partner, Nelly. 

According to a video shared by TMZ, it is speculated the said rumors were true. During the event, the singer, Ashanti placed her hands over her stomach and Nelly copied the same gesture on the stage. In the video, it can be seen that the couple broke into laughter after seemingly hinting at the news about expecting a baby and expanding the family. The couple, Nelly and Ashanti were in a on and off relationship with each other from the year 2003 to 2013. They both met each other during a press conference at the Grammy Awards. Earlier, in April, rumors about reconciliation between Ashanti and Nelly surfaced when the couple was spotted holding hands during a boxing match in Las Vegas. 

The rumors were confirmed by Nelly in September according to a clip shared by Philo TV’s “Boss Moves with Rasheeda.” In the show, the musician said that they are back together and are on good terms. The boyfriend revealed that both of them were surprised after realising their rekindled romance which was unplanned for either of them. In the same month, a source exclusively informed US Weekly that even Ashanti was surprised as she did not expect her and Nelly to get back together after being apart for 10 years. 

An informant stated that if it was a few years ago, the singer would not fathom thinking about getting back together with Nelly but at present, they do not want to rush anything. In October, the pair went official as Nelly took to his Instagram handle to post an Instagram carousel of his girlfriend’s birthday. The post had smiling pictures of the pair standing beside each other. “Such a beautiful, an incredible person inside and out and one of the hardest working women. I know. @ashanti Enjoy your day Ma you look awesome!!!! Happy Birthday Love ya!!!!,” he captioned the post. 

And on Nelly’s birthday, which was last month, Ashanti gifted him a car, according to the insider. Furthermore, the insider said that Ashanti had been planning a surprise birthday party for Nelly for months together. It was a difficult task to keep everything hidden, however, Nelly’s reaction towards the gift made everything worthwhile. Nelly was astounded and awed by the lavish gesture of Ashanti. 

Nelly was overwhelmed with shock and filled with emotion when took a look at his surprise. The surprise spoke volumes to his sentiments rather than the materialistic value of the gift. The car was the musician’s dream car since he was a kid and receiving it from Ashanti meant a lot to him. He even concluded it to be the best present he had ever received as it was so thoughtful of Ashanti to gift him that. When Nelly shared a picture of the new car on his social media, he had already hinted in the post that they both were planning on growing their family. 

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