Chef Garima Arora Creates History with Second Michelin Star

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Updated On: 21 Dec 2023

Chef Garima Arora Creates History with Second Michelin Star

Indian chef, Garima Arora created history by clinching the second Michelin star. She is the first Indian female to achieve this milestone and she credited her team for this achievement. When it comes to the world of fascinating cuisine, a field in which culinary artistry meets innovation, Chef Garima paved her way to the top bringing Indian gastronomy to new heights. Garima securing a second star to her hat not only proves her exceptional culinary skills but also a celebration of diversity in the world of fine dining. 

Garima was raised in a decent family in Mumbai. Her journey toward culinary artistry began after her graduation with a degree in business administration. That did not stop her passion for food and it is the same reason that brought her to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, the place where she honed her culinary art. The secret to her culinary art is a blend of tradition and innovation. Bringing out the best of Indian heritage and tradition and tweaking it with global influences is Arora’s philosophy. 

Arora created history back in 2018 by becoming the first Indian female chef to be awarded a Michelin star for her restaurant located in Bangkok, Gaa. This prestigious award marked a significant moment not just in her career but also in the representation of Indian cuisine on the global level. 

Arora’s restaurant, Gaa became popular and recognized globally for the innovation infused in their menu by skillfully mixing up raw Thai ingredients with traditional Indian spices and flavors. Arora received accolades and recognition not just in the file of culinary arts but also for her commitment to helping and promoting local farmers along with sustainability added to ethical value bringing in awards from beyond her realm. 

The second Michelin star speaks volumes of Arora’s determination and excellence in the cuisine world by stretching her boundaries further. This accolade displays her ability to transform, advance, elevate, and innovate, bringing forth a dynamic approach that presents her cuisine on the global gastronomic level. Apart from that, Garima Arora is an influential figure in society who advocates for diversity and gender equality in the culinary world. Hailing from Indian descent, she overcame the hurdles and broke through all stereotypes serving as an inspiration to thousands of youngsters and the coming generation of chefs to embrace their heritage while daring to dream big. This success proves a testament to the transformative power of passion & dedication of Garima Arora. 

Her artistry and innovation in cuisine not only bring temptation to your taste buds but even narrate a tale of the rich flavors of Indian cuisine traditions mingled with a modern, global perspective. Altogether, Garima Arora’s journey from the streets of Mumbai to obtaining Michelin stars is a saga of talent, perseverance, and a commitment to redefining the boundaries of Indian cuisine. The second Michelin star makes a solid appearance in the culinary field, leaving behind a strong impression on the world of gastronomy. 

About Michelin Stars

Restaurants with exceptional culinary artistry and gastronomy are awarded a Michelin Star. There are 5 criteria for choosing the restaurants. It includes harmony and the blending of various flavors, quality of the selected ingredients, mastery of techniques, the personality of the chef as expressed through their cuisine, and, of course, the consistency in both menus and over time, which is equally important.

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