Meet Pranjali: A 16-year-old Girl Whose Startup Is Valued at 100 Crores

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Updated On: 14 Nov 2023

Meet Pranjali: A 16-year-old Girl Whose Startup Is Valued at 100 Crores

The 16-year-old girl is marking her presence and footprint in the world of Tech with her own AI startup called Delv. AI is progressively grabbing the attention of the Tech World. Age is definitely not a restriction to achieve great things in life and Pranjali just proved the same to the world. At the age when children are supposed to learn the ways of the world and its norms, Pranjali Awasthi raised nearly Rs 3 crores for her startup. She is not just a budding tech but the owner of the AI startup. Awasthi revealed her identity as the owner of the company during the Miami Tech event.

Her LinkedIn profile shows that she is the founder and around 10 employees work under her startup. When she entered her teens she was already doing her internship at Florida International University’s research labs where she worked day and night and dedicated her time to studying machine learning. She told the business website that her father is a computer engineer who has been teaching her coding since she was seven years old.

She was learning machine learning projects when Open AI introduced the ChatGPT beta for the first time. Since then, people have been investing themselves in bringing out new ways to explore new dynamics surrounding artificial intelligence.

Pranjali Awasthi, the high schooler was then admitted into an AI startup expedite program held at Miami. This event was led by Dave Fontenot and Lucy Guo of Backend Capital, marking another stepping stone in her journey. When her AI startup ‘Delv.AI’ was launched on ‘Product Hunt’ she experienced a boosted and exceptional success according to the report of ‘Business Today.’ Product Hunt is said to be a tech platform that allows anyone to share their software for free of cost.

Awasthi was accepted into a program in Lieu of a small piece of her future company in the year 2021. Looking at this progress, the achievement of her daughter, and the advancement of the startup, Pranjali’s parents expressed their motivation and encouragement by allowing their daughter to take a break from high school for a while. 

Pranjali looks after the coding, operations, and customer service in Delv.AI. She has postponed her college studies for now to prioritize her responsibilities and growing passion for her expanding company. However, she has plans to pursue higher education in the future to acquire the business skills required for her company.

The startup accelerator program of Miami also extended a helping hand to Pranjali Awasthi in securing investments from On Deck and Village Global. Delv.AI increased and raised $450,000 (approximately Rs 3.7 crore) in funding. Delv.Ai, Pranjali’s company aims to help researchers better dig and have better access to information about the downfall of growing content online. At present, her company is valued at 100 crore rupees. 

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