‘Property Brothers’ Star Drew Scott & Wife Linda Expect Baby No.2

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Updated On: 23 Jan 2024

‘Property Brothers’ Star Drew Scott & Wife Linda Expect Baby No.2

Drew Scott’s son, Parker is going to be a brother soon. The star actor and popular personality on HGTV, who is 45 years old, and his wife Linda Phan have officially announced that they are expecting their second child together. The couple took to their Instagram to share this wonderful news with their fans and followers, last weekend. They uploaded a picture of their son, Parker, 20 months old, sitting in front of Linda with a hand gently caressing her baby bump. Scott captioned the post saying that he is hoping that baby Parker is ready for a company that will arrive soon and be a part of their company. On the other hand, Phan also shared the same photo in a carousel of pictures, captioning the same “💕 lately-ish 💕.” This series of pictures showcased the couple spending their time with their toddler son as they are preparing for him to be a big brother. 

The couple might have previously hinted about this big news earlier this month when Drew Scott posted a picture of their little family as they celebrated a new year on Instagram. All three faced in the other direction from the camera while looking at a rainbow in the distance. The Property Brothers star Scott captioned the post welcoming 2024 and wishing for new opportunities while welcoming new beginnings on the way, this year. In addition to this, a snippet of a special Father’s Day interview on this website was shared with the PEOPLE magazine regarding the challenges faced during the early stages of parenting. The HGTV star shared the first year of parenting and explained how he and his wife Linda found the early stages difficult. 

“I was back in school finishing my Executive MBA and I had to fly out to Boston two months after Parker was born for two weeks. The early stages of being born are a tough time to leave a parent solo,” the star recalled. He also mentioned that his wife, Linda was good at letting Scott know what she needed to tackle everything. After listening to her, he shared how easy could it be to just let Linda take the responsibility for their son Parker since he is at work all day and Linda is the one who is with Parker all day which makes him forget that he is also a parent with a bunch of responsibilities. 

Scott and Phan have been married for five years, having tied the knot in a destination wedding in Italy in 2018. The couple Drew Scott and Linda Phan welcomed Parker on May 12, 2022, which also happened to be their fourth marriage anniversary. After welcoming their first child, Parker back in 2021, who conceived through IVF, the duo opened up in a joint blog post about struggles with infertility. 

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