PM Modi Aims to Promote, Upscale Women of Self-Help Groups

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Updated On: 01 Feb 2024

PM Modi Aims to Promote, Upscale Women of Self-Help Groups

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi Ji, recently said a few things related to the self-help groups. He announced that he aims to turn over 20 million women in self-help groups into ‘lakhpatis’ in the next three years. In addition to this, he even aims to upscale the cooperatives by making them a vital part of rural life through his government. Sectors such as agriculture and fisheries are given priority and will scale them up in the coming years. This emerged as a result of the interaction associated with the beneficiaries of various government programs held in the Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh as a part of the ongoing program ‘Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra.’ The interaction took place via a virtual platform. The above-mentioned program is a yatra going on for two months, launched by PM Modi on November 15, 2023. It is a nationwide program whose purpose is to reach out to citizens with the help of the Centre’s Welfare Programs. 

Previous year, more than 100 million women in the nation have joined the self-help groups. “These sisters and daughters have been provided assistance of more than ₹7.5 lakh crore by the banks. To further expand this campaign, I have set a target of creating two crore lakhpati didis in the next three years,” he said. Later on, He asked the individual, Rubina Khan whether she was interested in helping the prime minister in achieving the same. When she was asked how many women from her group she wanted to turn into lakhpati, she told them that she would like to make every woman in the nation into a lakhpati. 

Although most present in that virtual interaction burst out into laughter, PM Modi said that Rubina’s response was a political one. On the same note, Narendra Modi even quoted how his government is working hard to upscale the cooperatives on a massive scale in sectors such as agriculture and fisheries including dairy production and sugar manufacturing. The ongoing Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra presently has reached several villages as per the statement of PM Modi. Regarding, Modi Ji said that the program has reached over 2.25 lakh villages in just 50 days since its launch. He says that this milestone they achieved is itself a record and that this whole yatra aims to reach every citizen who has been deprived of the central government schemes or due to some reason they are not able to get their hands on these schemes. 

With the help of this yatra, the government wants to ensure that each person can get the benefits of these central government schemes without any discrimination. He hopes to reach out to every person out there who is left out of this scheme. The Prime Minister told everyone that he felt immense satisfaction upon watching the confidence people had with whom he interacted. “Every beneficiary across the country has a story about the changes in their lives in the last 10 years. It is a story full of courage,” he said. In recent years, many people have been benefitted and motivated with the help of government schemes. 

Because of this campaign, more than 4,50,000 new applicants have been seen applying for Ujjwala gas connection, 10 million applicants have been issued for Ayushman cards, 12.5 million health check-ups have been conducted, around 7o lakh people have been screened for Tuberculosis, and over 1.5 million sickle cell anemia tests have been conducted up till now. He stated that the issue of the Ayushman Bharat Health Account allows to creation of medical records of the beneficiaries leading to spreading health awareness across the nation. Modi further interacted with other beneficiaries, where he greeted Harikrishan, a farmer hailing from Tamil Nadu, who embraced modern techniques into his agricultural practices. 

The virtual interaction witnessed people from each corner of the country and even Union ministers including MPs, MLAs, and local representatives. 

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