Neither IIT nor IIM, Muskan Gets Rs. 60Lakh Job Offer 

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Updated On: 14 Nov 2023

Neither IIT nor IIM, Muskan Gets Rs. 60Lakh Job Offer 

Muskan Agarwal, a B.Tech graduate from the Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT)- Una has created history by securing a job package of Rs. 60 lakh per annum from LinkedIn.  Hailing from Hathras in Uttar Pradesh, she is the first student in the whole university to have reached such a milestone with the highest-ever salary package. Her achievement serves as a benchmark for her juniors and upcoming generation people. She graduated with a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering

The journey towards this exceptional goal was already set in motion when Muskan Agarwal emerged victorious and was also the ‘top woman coder’ in the yearly coding challenge exclusively held for women organized by TechGig. The Geek Goddess by TechGig is one of the largest coding events which acts as a platform to bring out exceptional female engineers from around the nation. It allows both engineers and top firms to showcase their inventions and coding brilliance on a national scale. 

Muskan won this coding event with a cash prize of Rs.1.5 lakh from over 69,000 women coders. The event witnessed finalists engaged in non-stop coding for four hours to submit their winning programming solutions. 

Journey of Muskan Agarwal

Muskan Agarwal is no stranger to coding as she was always passionate about coding from a young age. For years she has been upskilling her coding. Two years ago in 2021, Muskan worked with the Girlscript Foundation where she contributed to various open-source projects of the same foundation while working with them. The sheer dedication and hunger to learn more paved the way to being selected as one of the members among 40 other women for LinkedIn’s Mentorship program. This exclusive program by LinkedIn offers the members detailed assistance and one-on-one guidance from experts working at LinkedIn. 

She has also experienced working as an Intern at TechCuators where she contributed to developing algorithm problems and data structures for top coding websites namely TestGorilla, HackerEarth, and Mettl. Not only this, Muskan even browsed through the difficulties created by various problem solvers. In addition to this, Muskan Agarwal secured the title of ‘Harvard WECode Scholar’ in the year 2022 because of her involvement in WECode. WECode is said to be the world’s largest tech conference run by students around the world and this event is organized by undergraduates at Harvard University. 

Her success story involves various stages she came through. This includes Muskan Agarwal working as a media personality and even completing her role as an intern software development engineer at both LinkedIn and MyFab11. Her enthusiasm and willingness to keep learning new things can be witnessed through her LinkedIn bio which states, “eager to learn new technologies and methodologies always willing to innovate the new things which can improve the existing technology.”

On the other hand, another graduate and trainee from IIIT-Una was awarded a job offer of Rs. 47 lakhs per annum last year. More than 86% of graduates from the batch 2019-23 cohort were laced in 31 different organizations. Additionally, a 2022-23 batch graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay got an offer worth Rs. 3.67 crore per annum.  

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