Meet Jane Dipika Garrett: The First-Ever Plus-Sized Model in Miss Universe

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Updated On: 28 Dec 2023

Meet Jane Dipika Garrett: The First-Ever Plus-Sized Model in Miss Universe

For years, it was followed and believed that the ideal woman is considered to be tall and leggy without a spot of flab in sight. It is the appearance standard set for women by society, media, and other industries where appearance matters including the day-to-day life of people. The initiation and inauguration to break this stereotype started with the Miss Universe 2023 beauty pageant toppling the beauty stereotype. Miss Universe is the world-acclaimed beauty pageant for which the entire world awaits. Last month, El Salvador organized an amazing and breathtaking show with models hailing from 84 different countries spread across the globe. These models competed against each other for the prestigious title of Miss Universe 2023. But the major highlight of this year’s beauty pageant edition was that the show delivered inclusivity creating historic moments for the first time. 

For the first time, the world-class beauty pageant included the first plus-sized model competing against others for the crown. Miss Nepal, Jane Dipika Garrett, is the first plus-sized model entering the stage of the Miss Universe competition. With her entry, she caught the attention of everyone and soon enough became everyone’s favorite when she walked down the runway during the prelims round. Her participation does not just promote the idea of inclusivity and diversity but also body positivity. 

Previously, Jane Dipika Garrett defeated 20 other contenders to become Miss Universe Nepal. She is part American who preaches body positivity and describes herself as the same. She doesn’t fit into certain beauty standards as she is a curvy woman, she has addressed that she is here to represent every woman during an interview with the Hola magazine. She expressed and opened up about her battles and body image issues she faced in the past. She told how she was drowned in the shackles of insecurity which hampered her self-esteem badly. And presently, she loves herself which is a huge success to her. She said that there isn’t just a single way to be considered beautiful instead every woman is beautiful just as they are. 

The model shattered the walls of stereotypes of slender-looking models and her participation in the world-class beauty pageant competition will be a victory for body positivity knowing how she suffered from body image issues. She hopes other people will be inspired watching this historic moment. 

About Miss Universe 2023

Miss Universe Organization is a global, inclusive organization that promotes all cultures, backgrounds, and religions. It is a safe space for women on a global scale where the participants can freely share their stories and make an impact personally, professionally, and even philanthropically. The eligible participants competing on this international platform serve as inspirational leaders and role models to their communities and fans hailing from across the globe. The 72nd Miss Universe Pageant took place at the magical El Salvador on 18th November 2023. 84 participants competed against each other for the prestigious “Force for Good” crown. The 72nd edition of the Miss Universe competition wrapped up beautifully with Sheynnis Palacios hailing from Nicaragua getting crowned as the Miss Universe 2023 by her predecessor R’Bonney Gabriel. 

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