Hindi Serial Actress Rubina Expecting Twins

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Updated On: 01 Dec 2023

Hindi Serial Actress Rubina Expecting Twins

Indian Hindi TV Drama series actress Rubina Dilaik revealed in an interview that she is expecting twins with her husband Abhinav Shukla. The actress had previously revealed her pregnancy three months ago in September and the couple are on their way to parenthood. It is expected that the pair is most likely to welcome the babies in the early next year. During the shoot of her latest vlog, Rubina opened up about her fears and the challenges faced during her ongoing pregnancy journey with her viewers. 

During the first episode of the show named ‘Kisi Ne Bataya Nahi The Mamacado Show’ Rubina expressed her thoughts saying that she dedicated this episode to all the mothers out there, who are carrying more than one baby. She exclusively mentioned that this specific episode of Kisi Ne Bataya Nahi the Mamacado Show is for the mothers, soon-to-be mothers around the nation and across the world who are facing the challenges or have faced the challenges and struggles of carrying twins, triplets, or any kind of multiple pregnancies. Soon after saying this, she announced the news to the viewers that she is also expecting twins. 

Later on, she highlighted the fact that she is sharing her pregnancy journey so far and pregnancy differs from person to person. One must consult with their doctors for further advice and suggestions. Reminiscing the past when she and Abhinav first discovered Rubina was pregnant with twins, she recalls how Abhinav’s face was shocked after getting to know about this. Due to the shock, Abhinav went ahead and denied the fact of this pregnancy while Rubina stated that she was pregnant with the twins. On their way back home, due to the overwhelming excitement and joy the pair was facing, the couple did not talk with each other the whole ride. The fact that Rubina was not only pregnant but pregnant with twins came to them as a piece of shocking news which took time for each of them to digest, so they returned quietly. She said, “We were not even listening to music, neither were we busy on the phone or anything. We could not express, we could not digest. It took such a long time to sink in, to digest that.”

At the end of the ride, when the couple reached home, Abhinav specifically asked Rubina whether she had something to say but Rubina declined knowing the stress, challenges, and struggles faced by the couple during multiple pregnancies. The doctor stated the same when the couple was asked to visit the hospital for blood tests the next day. 

Rubina also mentioned that the couple had decided to keep the information to themselves and refrain from telling anyone including their family members in the beginning months of pregnancy because the doctor had advised the couple to be extra cautious. She said that there are multiple chances of cases where one of the fetuses perishes if not handled with care during the first three months. The stress of the news that a person is blessed with twins not until they cross the first trimester which confirms that both fetuses are medically in good condition was not something that could be shared with anyone. She added, “With god’s grace we crossed that milestone. We got to know our twins were fine and then we returned, relieved. Those three months were anxious and stressful for me as I was working, and also dealing with all that nausea and other complications.”

Rubina even shared the accident she faced right after the first trimester of pregnancy ended. A truck had rammed into her car at the signal and Rubina, who was of course not prepared for this was terrified about the little lives growing inside of her. The fear she faced was indescribable and soon after, an emergency sonography was conducted to make sure the twins were safe. This was the night she realized that no pregnancy was an easy journey. 

After the incident, Rubina informed only her immediate family and others about the pregnancy. In the video log she shared on her Instagram account she even talked about the health-related problems she is facing in her pregnancy. At the beginning of the video log, she mentioned of guest to have a chat with on this episode but the guest had to reschedule the same at the last minute because of a fussy baby. In the end, Rubina was advised to talk alone about her journey making this a solo impromptu episode of ‘Kise Ne Bataya Nahi.’

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