Ektaa Kapoor Poses with  Emmy Award at Mumbai Airport

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Updated On: 29 Nov 2023

Ektaa Kapoor is back in town after being present at the 51st edition of the International Emmy Awards that took place in New York City. Earlier this week, she was captured at the Mumbai International Airport while stepping back into India with the Emmy award. At the Emmys, Ektaa was privileged with the International Emmy Directorate Award due to her  ‘trailblazing career and impact on the Indian television landscape’. 

Ektaa has created an ever-made history by being the first Indian with the International Emmy Directorate Award on 20th November in New York City. Now the Bollywood diva is back in Mumbai and flaunted the golden award at the airport and shared some moments full of joy and happiness with the paparazzi.

With no extra shock, Ektaa looked happy at the airport terminal when the paparazzi surrounded her. She was as usual flaunting herself in the casual look. The beauty doubled up as she was proudly holding the golden Emmy award and showing it off to the paparazzi. Throughout she was posing with the Emmy award jewelling a big smile on her face.

As a reaction to her achievement of winning the prestigious award, an endless number of her admirers showered her with love and best wishes for representing and making India proud on the international stage. Many social media users have written down in the comment section of her posts saying how proud she made us feel and ended up congratulating her.

Many of them even said they had admired her since their childhood and this moment is so memorable being an Indian.

Earlier Ektaa Kapoor shared a short video on her Instagram handle and mentioned in the caption, “India I’m bringing home YOUR Emmy @iemmys.” Ektaa Kapoor is the first Indian female filmmaker to win the International Emmy Directorate Award, for her tremendous contributions towards art and the dedicative industry.

The Emmy Award ceremony, which took place on 20th November in New York, and the producer, Ektaa Kapoor was served with an award by the popular author Deepak Chopra. After winning the title, she directly took it to her social media and shared some memorable glimpses of the award ceremony and her speech after winning the award. 

“Above all, I’d like to thank my country, India. It’s time I humanize you, India because in you, I find a reflection of me. You’ve been pulled, pushed, conquered, ruled and as you found your freedom, you found your voice. A few decades later, today, you stand tall, not needing anyone’s validation, as the fifth largest economy. This award is for you, India, and all the Indians here! We are few, but we’re enough. This is for you, India. In your history, I find my stories in your strength and your tenacity, I find my grit to my motherland. I am bringing home your Emmy,” she said during her acceptance speech after being awarded with the classy International Emmy Directorate Award.

The New Film

Winning the Emmy Award was a huge moment for Bollywood, and also for the entire India. After a day winning her award, Ektaa Kapoor made an official announcement about her upcoming movie, where she will be starring Kartik Aaryan, although the title is yet to be disclosed. This untitled movie will be directed by the popular Indian filmmaker Sandeep Modi, under the banner of Dharma Productions of Karan Johar alongside the Balaji Motion Pictures by Ektaa Kapoor. This film is also remarkable as it going to be the first collaboration between Kartik and Karan after the fallout at the time of Dostana 2. The upcoming film is scheduled to be released by August 15, 2024.

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