Buccaneers QB Baker and Emily Expecting First Baby

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Updated On: 07 Dec 2023

Buccaneers QB Baker and Emily Expecting First Baby

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and his wife Emily Wilkinson who is a passionate philanthropist announced they are expecting their first baby together. This wonderful news was announced by the couple on their Instagram account earlier this week. They posted a carousel of maternity photos where the couple snapped pictures on the beach with their pet dog while showing the strip of ultrasound photos. The couple captioned the same by revealing the pregnancy and even revealed the gender of the baby along with the expected month. Their baby girl would be joining the family in early April 2024, the pair stated. 

The announcement dropped in right after Mayfield threw for 202 yards and scored a touchdown point in the Bucs’ 21-18 win over the Carolina Panthers. Showers of congratulatory messages and heaps of praises made their way to the comment section of the post. Even Travis Kelce, one of the famous players in the NFL, shared a lovely message in the comment section congratulating the couple. Mitch Trubisky’s wife, Hilary, also commented on the post sharing a heartfelt message to the couple. In addition to this, Lauren Wood, Zydn’s mom, and partner of Odell Beckham wrote, “Congrats to u both!’ ❤️❤️❤️,” under the lovely post along with Brittany Mahomes who commented a congratulatory text. 

Emily exposed Baker’s reaction when he found out about the news of pregnancy. She shared how he reacted on her Instagram stories when she took part in the ‘Ask Me Anything’ prompt on Instagram. At the same time, she revealed the pregnancy news as well to all her followers and friends out there. She said that it was adorable was Baker reacted to the news. She had set a sweet thing and made Fergus (their pet dog) put on a ‘Big Bro’ t-shirt. Initially, Baker assumed a puppy was brought in so he wandered around the kitchen to find the puppy but the moment when he realized, he was beyond excited. His jaw dropped to the floor and the couple shed tears of joy later on.

The first meet and greet of the couple was back in 2017 because of a mutual friend who introduced them to each other. Emily was a resident of Los Angeles during that time. In an interview with ESPN, she told how she dodged advances of Baker for months but on the other hand, Baker refused to back down. He used to follow, unfollow, and re-follow Emily to grab her attention. Finally, in December, they started texting each other. She even mentioned how he had begged to meet him before his final football game. She assumed her to be a typical playboy athlete, but to her surprise, on their date, he did not mention anything about football instead he was interested in knowing and kept asking her questions. Shortly after, they got engaged to each other in 6 months. 

Baker Mayfield and Emily Wilkinson tied the knot in July 2019. This was revealed with a relationship anniversary post shared by Emily on her Instagram account, earlier this summer. She even captioned the anniversary post beautifully by wishing her husband a fourth-anniversary wish and how the pair have grown in many ways. She even mentioned how she is proud of the marriage and the present where they are both right now. “What a fun way to ring in #4! And thanks @terranearesort for the getaway we so badly needed! 💙 I love you @bakermayfield,” she added.

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