Sunitha Baby Name Meaning

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Sunitha , सुनीथा

Sunitha is a feminine name rooted in Indian origin. The meaning of this name refers to someone who is known for being well-behaved; has Good character; Wise by nature. The baby also can be influenced by the great astronaut Sunita Williams, who has made a record for the maximum skywalk by a woman. The name is very common in India and a few other parts of the world. If you are looking for a name that can inspire your baby,

Meaning Well-behaved; Good character; Wise
Gender Girl
Religion Hindu, Christianity
Origin Indian
Characters 1 word with 7 charecters
Syllable 3
Pythagorean Numerology 2
(Birth Star)
Suitable For Girls
Speak Hardness Easy
Uniqueness Common
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Name Variants Suneeta, Sunita, Suneetha
Numerology Calculation of the Name Sunitha
Alphabet Subtotal of Position
S 1
U 3
N 5
I 9
T 2
H 8
A 1
Total 29
SubTotal of 29 11
Soule's urge or heart’s motivation number of Sunitha
Alphabet Subtotal of Position
U 3
I 9
A 1
Total 13
SubTotal of 13 4

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Meaning of the Name Sunitha

This name means Well-behaved; Good character; Wise. It is a name commonly used for Girl and derived from Indian. The name is related to the Hindu, Christianity religion and falls under Aquarius(Kumbh) and Satabhisha Nakshatra.

Numerology Details of The Name Sunitha

As per Indian Astrology, the numerology number of this name is 11. Soule's urge or heart’s motivation number is 4.

Zodiac Sign of Sunitha

The zodiac sign of people with the name Sunitha is Aquarius or Kumbh. The primary element of Aquarius is Air and is associated with the planet Saturn and Uranus. As per the astrological reading, lucky colours for Kumbh Rashi people are all shades of White or Icy Blue. For them, lucky days are Thursdays, Tuesdays, and Mondays, and luck gems are Amethyst.


What is the origin of the name "Sunitha"?

The orgin of the name Sunitha is Indian.

What is the numerology associated with the name "Sunitha"?

As per Indian Astrology, the numerology number of this name is 11.

What is the Soule's urge number associated with the name "Sunitha"?

Soule's urge or heart’s motivation number is 4.

What is the Rashi/Zodiac sign of the name "Sunitha"?

The Zodiac Sign/Rashi associated with name Sunitha is Aquarius/Kumbh.