Mia Baby Name Meaning

Reviewed by: Parth Patel tick Written by: Soundarya Kamat

Mia , मिया

Mia is a sweet feminine name with multiple origins. This is a hypocoristic combination of various unrelated names from different regions. This name is originally of Australian origin. In the Nyungar language, Mia refers to Moon or Month. It is also the variation of the Latin name Maria which translates to star of the sea. It even has Scandinavian and Spanish roots that refer to beloved which acts as a perfect name for your little bundle of joy.

Meaning Moon, Beloved, Month. Star of the sea
Gender Girl
Religion Christianity, Islamic
Origin Australian, Latin, Scandinavian, Spanish
Characters 1 word with 3 charecters
Syllable 2
Pythagorean Numerology 5
(Birth Star)
Suitable For Girls
Speak Hardness Easy
Uniqueness Common
Zodiac Sign Leo
Name Variants Miya
Numerology Calculation of the Name Mia
Alphabet Subtotal of Position
M 4
I 9
A 1
Total 14
SubTotal of 14 5
Soule's urge or heart’s motivation number of Mia
Alphabet Subtotal of Position
I 9
A 1
Total 10
SubTotal of 10 1

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Meaning of the Name Mia

This name means Moon, Beloved and Month. Star of the sea. It is a name commonly used for Girl and derived from Australian, Latin, Scandinavian and Spanish. The name is related to the Christianity, Islamic religion and falls under Leo(Simha) and Magha Nakshatra.

Numerology Details of The Name Mia

As per Indian Astrology, the numerology number of this name is 5. Soule's urge or heart’s motivation number is 1.

Zodiac Sign of Mia

The zodiac sign of people with the name Mia is Leo or Simha. The primary element of Leo is Fire and is associated with the planet Sun. As per the astrological reading, lucky colours for Simha Rashi people are all shades of Gold, Yellow, and Orange. For them, lucky days are Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, and luck gems are Peridot.


What is the origin of the name "Mia"?

The orgin of the name Mia is Australian, Latin, Scandinavian, Spanish.

What is the numerology associated with the name "Mia"?

As per Indian Astrology, the numerology number of this name is 5.

What is the Soule's urge number associated with the name "Mia"?

Soule's urge or heart’s motivation number is 1.

What is the Rashi/Zodiac sign of the name "Mia"?

The Zodiac Sign/Rashi associated with name Mia is Leo/Simha.