Pregnant Suki Waterhouse Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump

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Updated On: 08 Dec 2023

Pregnant Suki Waterhouse Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump

Actress and singer-songwriter Suki Waterhouse is expecting her first child with boyfriend Robert Pattinson. She was seen at the Fashion Awards Show at the Royal Albert Hall in London, on Monday, 8th of December, 2023, posing on the Awards show’s red carpet while cradling her baby bump. She dressed up in a strapless tulle gown from H&M studio accompanied by a simple pearl necklace and platform heels. She let her bangs down which added up to the elegance. 

Previously, the actress had confirmed that Pattinson, 37, and she were expecting their first child when she appeared for her music schedule at the Corona Capital Festival in Mexico. Before the pregnancy announcement on her X account (which is formerly known as Twitter), she said to the crowd that she was hoping to distract the fans from what was going on by dressing up herself in shining and sparkly attire. Adding to that, she jokingly remarked hinting the crowd about her pregnancy as the crowd cheered on for her. 

An insider then disclosed the relationship between Suki and Pattinson and how they were excited to welcome the baby. The person stated that the duo was serious about each other and had always been the same. And the news about growing the family is just like a cherry on the top for the soon-to-be parents. The couple are overjoyed beyond words. 

The informer further reported that both Robert and Suki are all set and prepared to become parents and are ready to welcome a child and grow the family. Despite knowing that their lives will take a turn with the baby’s arrival and also them being professionals who work amazingly, they willingly wanted it to happen. “They know their lives will change, and they are excited,” the source mentioned. 

The duo, Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson have been paired with each other for over five years since their first romantic linking in July 2018. It was revealed to the media by a source that both were dating after they were seen being affectionate to each other in London. 

On the other hand, Suki Waterhouse talked about her new cover of ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,’ in an interview. The singer and songwriter who uploaded and shared the new version of the song said that she would be donating the amount received from this by partnering with an organization named A Sense of Home which prevents homelessness. 

About ‘A Sense of Home’

A Sense of Home is an organization that creates first-ever homes and a community for aged-out foster youth. ASOH collects rarely recycled household items like furniture, and home goods to promote greenery in the environment. Returned products to furniture and home goods are often discarded. These quality items become a life-changing gift for foster youth when installed lovingly by the community people and volunteers. This will improve the way the youth view themselves as well as those around them. ASOH strives to create a physical home that is the embodiment of the dreams and unique personality of each youth (and their young family) to transform their experience of scarcity and survival into one of comfort and care. 

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