Pregnant Jessie Decker Confirms the Gender of Baby No. 4

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Updated On: 02 Jan 2024

Pregnant Jessie Decker Confirms the Gender of Baby No. 4

Jessie Decker is pregnant with her fourth child with her husband Eric Decker. The family is increased by another addition who is going to arrive soon. Even before the arrival of the little bundle of joy, the couple revealed the gender of their child officially during an interview. She finally fed her curious fans with the gender revelation on Wednesday, 22nd of November 2023. The couple, Jessie Decker and Eric Decker, are parents to Vivienne Rose, 9, and sons Eric ‘Bubby’ Jr., 8, and Forrest Bradley, 5. She had already revealed the news of her pregnancy with her husband in the month of August. 

The 35-year-old Love on the Brain singer, Jessie Decker, and her husband Eric Decker appeared on the morning show of The Today Show in New York City. When the interviewer Jenna Bush Hager, 41, and Hota Kohb, 59, asked whether she is indeed having a boy baby after the hint she seems to have dropped on her Instagram a few days back, the singer confirmed that the gender of the child is a boy. She said, “I’m having a boy. Yup, we’re having another boy. Vivi remains queen.”

The soon-to-be mom is expecting the baby in January 2024. She donned a red blouse paired with a matching red trouser-suit set as she showed off her growing baby belly in the show. She had dropped hints regarding the gender of her baby in a somewhat confusing Instagram post that made her fans curious about it. 

In the post, Jessie Decker posed in front of the Christmas tree. On one side was her Ali James who held her son in her arms and on the other side was her sister-in-law Sydney Rae Bass holding her son in her arms. Both the babies were dressed in matching brown overalls while Jessie held a third pair of the same clothing in her hands. She wrote under the post, “These three little turkeys gonna be BFFs.” Jessie Decker and her husband who is a professional baseball player and the author of Just Feed Me, had officially announced that they were expecting a fourth child back in August. In the interview, the singer stated that her husband did not believe at first including her family and friends. He thought he was getting pranked by his wife and when she revealed she was not joking every family member including Eric was excited to know about this. She shared all this in her Instagram stories last month. 

In the same month, they both admitted that they knew the baby’s gender for a while and even decided on a name for the baby. Furthermore, she mentioned that she and Eric knew the names of her babies before they arrived in this world, as they both like to be prepared. She made a remark saying that every family member was obsessed when it came to names. Even the idea about the nursery and daycare was sorted out already but it is yet to be set in motion. 

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