Lala Kent Poses in Front of Mirror Showcasing Her Baby Bump

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Updated On: 19 Mar 2024

Lala Kent Poses in Front of Mirror Showcasing Her Baby Bump

Pregnant Lala Kent showcases her growing figure as she celebrates that people can finally tell she’s pregnant: ‘Mama is starting to bump’

Lala Kent was overjoyed to celebrate having a well-defined baby bump, on Monday, 19th of March 2024. The TV show star who performed in Vanderpump Rules revealed her second pregnancy earlier this month on her social media. The same actress uploaded a mirror selca video highlighting her rounded-out tummy on her Instagram stories. She expressed her thoughts on how relieved she felt upon the visibility of her baby bump and the onlookers would clearly take the hint of her being pregnant and not becoming ‘soft.’

The actress was wearing casualwear but with a sparkle of style in a set of comfortable black trousers with wide legs with black-and-white illustrations all over it, colly decorating them. Matching that, she wore a contrasting cream-coloured short-sleeve top that was decorated with drawings or illustrations from Art Nouveau which featured an upturned collar. To complete the look, Lala paired the contrasting ensemble with a set of black boots, and she styled her brunette tresses in a tightly wound bun. She captioned and declared in the video, ‘All right, mama is starting to bump. This makes me very happy, because anytime I get out of the stage of, like, softness, and you can tell — finally — like, ‘Oh, she’s probably pregnant!’ — that’s a good stage. ’ She concluded the video b saying that she is looking forward to feeling cute while wearing tight clothing. 

Lala gave her fans some frontal views of her baby bump, before turning in profile to reveal her newly rounded baby bump, before dramatically turning again to head out of the door and playfully whipping her head back. 

Earlier on the same day, she uploaded a clip where she was spotted riding in a moving truck with her younger brother Easton Burningham, who was behind the wheel. 

The siblings appeared to be doing some moving for their mother, Lisa Burningham. The sibling duo had joined their mother Lisa for a family outing and meal together, and Lala’s brother Easton shared a picture of the family members displaying beautiful smiles while they were in the restaurant. He added a sweet caption under the post radiating warmth.

Just a while before uploading a clip of her growing bump, she posted a few snaps and an attached video of Ocean, her daughter, who turned three years old just a few days earlier and was practising in ballet class. The adorable girl radiated cuteness while she donned in a black tutu with a white bow tied in her hair for the classes. 

She jokingly mentioned in the caption under the adorable video that the little girl was having a meltdown 10 minutes before the clip was taken and how Lala appreciates her resilience. The clip showed Ocean following some ballet leg poses or rudimentary poses. 

Lala Kent shares her first child with her former partner Randall Emmett, whom she was with from 2015 to 2021. The 33-year-old actress and the 52-year-old producer were dating when Lala appeared on the fourth season of Vanderpump Rules, her debut series, but she kept his name undisclosed until his divorce from his former wife and actress Ambyr Childers took place officially in December 2017.

The couple got engaged in the subsequent year and welcomed their daughter Ocean on March 15, 2021. But soon after that, the actress called off the engagement accusing the partner of repeated infidelity. In the recent pregnancy, Lala got pregnant using a sperm donor. Despite the difficulties and the trouble she is going to face in this pregnancy, she is finally moving forward in this direction on her own. 

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